Working at home : an office design that inspires us

Working at home : an office design that inspires us

Find l’inspiration when l’one works from the home also includes an office with the decor that inspires us. Adapt their work space to transform it into a universe that looks like us is paramount. Atmosphere delicate, chic, vintage or l’mind totally natural everything is possible for this universe will be ours.

office rustic ambiance

do You like l’atmosphere of the old office d’formerly style office, notary public, doctor, cabinet of the prefect ? So c’is certain, your style will be that of the wooden desk. The wooden desk will be l’advantage of offer you ample work space. Both decorative and functional, choose a lamp d’extra that you can dispose d’a point to the’another of your office. In addition, to the built-in shelves, wood of course. On the other hand, avoid the metal structures in favour of the wood cabinet. Side colors, we chose warm colors, and reassuring. For example, if we take the shades trends 2017 we will choose the hue “Palomino” or ” Etruscan “. It will enhance l’aspect of wood and transform this space to work in an office that inspires us.


Working at home : an office design that inspires us

Bureau of solid wood. Oak oiled. Collection Norway. – 549 ?

An office with an atmosphere of delicate

An office design that inspires us, and with an atmosphere of delicate will be in the middle of pastel shades on the walls. A light grey, l’off-white will be perfect to inspire you. For your work space, choose furniture in light tones such as white. They can be lacquered or in white wood. In addition to the soil, choose a floating floor clear or linoleum, imitation parquet flooring. Net curtains in the windows, you will isolate yourself in a bubble. If you want to add a touch of colour, make-you a peel-mixes with a touch of mauve. This can be photos, fabrics, free rein to your inspiration and punaisez as seems good to you.

Working at home : an office design that inspires us

Office Hemnes white. Ikea 229 ?.

An office has l’esprit chic

Working at home : an office design that inspires us

Office spirit chic : a mix of modernity and sleek style.

The office chic, c’is a mixture of modernity and hues familiar in the scandinavian style by example. White walls, pale grey with panelling or linoleum colour panelling white or grey. After that, to the decor, dare to mix styles provided that’he s’ranging from small volumes.

for example, your bookcase, choose shelves that are shaped and that allow you to create your own shapes. On you will find cubes shelves that will place it as you want. For the fixture a ball with feathers or cotton will bring a real touch of sophistication. Other elements of the office chic, metal accessory, such as a door, a pencil, a press-book, etc.


An office under the roof

Working at home : an office design that inspires us

A well-organized space to bring you a lot d’inspiration.

You have the chance d’live in a house or live in a duplex, then create your work space in a garret. We always think that these pieces are spaces that are lost, because we can’t necessarily put d’wardrobe. If we can’t put d’wardrobe, one can make shelves. Combo shelves vertical to make horizontal and pick up this l’space under the slope.

If you can’t sit high, look for blocks and modular build a desktop to your dimension from d’a plan of work for example which will serve as the main support.

for example : *at Ikea to 35.95 ? you have a storage cube 4 compartments ; a piece of furniture in stairs 32.99 offering 6 niches. For a work plan white lacquered, count between 40 and 50 ? that you buy in a diy store.

A small budget that you can build a desk in a room that was not necessarily easy to match to the database.

office space

create an office at home, c’is often hijack a space not intended for this purpose. Under a staircase, a mezzanine floor, in a corner of a wall, or why not by diverting a closet wall ?

there are a thousand ways d’use a space, that n’was initially not at all intended to you create a workspace.

In a closet : you have a large closet wall in a room d’friend, but not d’space to add a table ? Use the shelves to put your administrative papers and in place of the’space closet, set a shelf to put your computer. Very convenient d’l’are used in almost all laptops nowadays. The equipment necessary for good work : spotlights to illuminate the’inside of the closet, boxes for storage of small size to match, l’space. Use by the suite of small furniture casters, for example, that s’encastreront perfectly in the closet. This development presents the’advantage’we can close very easily the doors when l’one wants to complete his work day.

Working at home : an office design that inspires us

Turn your closet wall to transform it into your workspace.

In a corner you’re working on a laptop computer and n’not need a lot of space ? Use a corner of a wall to build office space.

You need to have the workbooks ? Make a system d’shelves using the two walls.

You want to brighten up this confined space ? Do you do a peeling with your most beautiful holiday memories. Ideal for when l’it was not much d’space. You need more light ? Attach wall sconces.

Working at home : an office design that inspires us

Desktop console d’corner with storage lockers.
Model Grimsby 189 ?

An office in the garden

Your professional activity requires the’space, quiet, and receive clients. With the mess-chest of the house you n’y not even think. On the other hand, at the bottom of the garden, l’abri, where you store various things would be the’ideal place to have your office. Room full, to l’sheltered from the noise, that you can arrange as you want.

Working at home : an office design that inspires us

Turn your garden shed into a true workspace.

With just a few strokes of paint, new shelves, and why not a new ground, this space will look great. To bring to light in addition to an electrical connection classic, take a tour to the radius diy to see the kit solar lighting.

Working at home : an office design that inspires us

Kit, solar lighting ideal for garden shed 5 leds. 31 ? in


Working at home : an office design that inspires us

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