Wooden beams for the decoration of the modern bedroom

When you wake up in the morning, the first thing you see is the ceiling of the bedroom. That’s why we all want a comfortable bedroom, with a warm and welcoming decor.

When it comes to decorating the bedroom , we spontaneously think of bedding, furniture, lighting and walls but what we often forget is the ceiling. The ceiling is an element of the room that takes up a lot of space and it is important to decorate it well. Today, we offer the wooden beams as a means of creating an interesting and very modern design of the ceiling and walls in the bedroom.

Wooden beams for the decoration of the modern bedroom

 wooden beams ideas deco room

Wooden beams for the bedroom contemporary deco

 wooden beams bedroom modern design

The mix between restored original elements and modern design elements can give each space of unique charm and personality. And that’s exactly what wooden beams do – they inspire and can easily be incorporated into various decorative styles. The bedrooms below are all decorated in a different style – rustic, Provençal, glamorous, Scandinavian, feminine, masculine, minimalist or contemporary, but the They have in common are the wooden beams.

Minimalist design bedroom with wooden beams


The above room is for example, decorated in minimalist contemporary style. It is spacious and all white and the wooden beams are used as a decorative accent that emphasizes and emphasizes the beauty of the design. The only furniture in the room is the bed, a comfortable armchair and a coffee table. The wall behind the bed is transformed into a storage space using an almost invisible built-in cabinet that follows the architectural forms of the room.

Modern bedroom decó with ceiling design

 wooden beams modern bedroom design

Elegant bedroom decal design with wooden beams

 wooden beams bedroom design

Idea original design bedroom ceiling deco

 original design bedroom wood beams

Ultra modern bedroom deco

 ultra modern deco bedroom

Contemporary design bedroom with wooden beams

 modern beamed room deco

Elegant bedroom decor with wood-beamed ceilings

 elegant wood-paneled deco bedroom

Decor room with wooden beams and brick wall


Elegant bedroom decoration with original ceiling

 deco bedroom with wooden beams

 deco bedroom design wooden beams

 deco bedroom wooden beams

 deco bedroom retro beams

 decoration room design beams wood

 beams wood room deco romantic

 beams wood room design

 beams wood room retro

 beams wood deco room design

 beams wood deco minimalist room

 beams in white wood deco

 wooden beams bedroom

 wooden beams minimalist bedroom

 wooden beams modern bedroom

 wooden beams original bedroom

 wooden beams rustic bedroom

 wooden beams bedroom style retro

 wooden beams deco mural

 wooden beams ceiling bedroom

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