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Women’s 3D design shoes by Behrad Ghodsi

The shoes design Atossa are very original 3D shoes – project created by the designer Behrad Ghodsi. These are new generation shoes, designed especially for you and your feet.

Atossa shoes are elegant, comfortable and of high quality. The idea of ​​these shoes has come from the ‘restructuring’ in the industrial and social systems that deliver us the products.

The designer has been thinking about using 3D technology in the development of custom products. Its goal was to minimize material and energy waste and to increase customer involvement in the product design process. The design of these shoes is not random – it is inspired by the micro-structure of our bones and our body. And despite appearing fragile, these shoes are actually very solid.

Women’s 3D design shoes by Behrad Ghodsi

 shoesdesign woman original design

Atossa 3D Design Shoes

 Atossa Women's Designer Shoes

Women’s Original Shoes

 3D Modern Design Shoes
 Atossa shoes are made to endure all the pressure of the foot in a way that makes you feel good. Each shoe is unique. The Atossa app allows you to send images of your feet and this way – wear shoes made to measure for you. You can also customize them using the multiple avatars available. The 3D printer uses a material called PLA to build your shoes – it’s the organic plastic that breaks down in nature.

Modern women’s shoes by Behrad Ghodsi

 designer shoes original Atossa

Women’s shoes with custom design
 Women's shoes with 3D design
Women’s shoes with unique design
 women's shoes with modern design
Women’s elegant shoes
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