White bedroom and decor zen, we love it !

A white room, a color deco room to create a universe of pampering ! Pure, with grey, with a touch of black, the white power d’appease the spirits and gives the room an ambiance decoration zen and elegant condition d’be well balanced. Demonstration photos with these 12 rooms, all sweet as white as snow.

A white room with a lot of character

If a white room is the promise of’universe with a voluptuous and cozy for a deco chambre zen and serene, he should wake up in the pristine white-so that’it does not make the room a place that is sanitized. A white paint and its nuances of wood and objects in pastel as in the deco scandinavian lamps in steel from the industry trend, fake animal skins unbleached as in a room pampering or even a bed linen with bright colors for a modern feel, a dominant white for his painting room s’adapts easily to different styles, layouts and deco. One more reason to fall for one of these 12 rooms trends all white dressed !

White bedroom and decor zen, we love it !

Spirit chic in a bedroom white

For a master bedroom suite with cozy, white c’is chic !

To succeed the decoration d’a bedroom, the white is a good value ! On the walls near the bed and on the floor in the adjoining bathroom, the white cleans and makes the room very chic. And to give a little more personality to the decor white strip in the bright with cushions, charcoal grey, a cover bed light gray and some object deco-wood.

Light the room under the eaves immaculate white

In a room under slope with large windows, the white brightens up the room.

In the attic, a room is often very bright, especially when she is dressed in white. The large windows in this room with sloping ceilings accentuate the side of pristine white that s’spread the floor vinyl ground up’at the ceiling. A carpet of grey, a plaid beige and armchair with wood legs reminiscent of the timber frame make the bedroom more cozy.

A white room black and white design

This room is a fan of the duo chic black-and-white in its decoration.

The duo of chic black and white n’has more to prove in deco ! In a white room, black accents on accessories such as a lamp d’extra, a bedside table, a carpet, or frames help to make the room more design. This strong contrast between these two opposite colors is enough to modernize a bedroom, and breaks the side too impersonal d’a look, pristine white.

A room bohemian white

The deco bohemian s’adapts very well to the white in the room, and sublime, even the brightness of the room.

The bohemian look in this room agrees very well the presence of the white as much on the walls, the curtains on the bed cover. The fine structure of the slatted wood marie d’elsewhere beautifully with the white sheet to the edges adorned with pom-poms soft. Duvet cover ivory, decorated with pom-poms, dim L218xH218 cm, 100% cotton, 81 ? exclusive to Urban Outfitters.

Deco vintage room white cocoon

The deco vintage and its accessories stand out in a room all white.

white in a room d’adult sublime deco vintage ! The proof is in this chamber where the bed and bedside table 50 style as well as the suspension geometry and the bedside lamp in copper are put forward by l’ambiance light that emanates from this room all of white dressed. Bed 160×200 cm made from solid oak, 499,90 euros and suspension trend copper 3D geometric, 79,99 ? House of the World.

scandinavian Style in a white room

To give character to a room, scandinavian style, opt for accessories, cushions and bed linen grey.

Big fan of white in decorating, the trend scandinavian continues d’dress up the room. The wall the head of the bed is used to hang pictures and black and white accessories light grey give relief to this piece light and delicate. The wood itself is more discreet and is introduced only to paint the floor.

A bit d’air sailor in a white room

A atmosphere relaxing seaside reign in this bright room in white.

The PVC panel white on the wall, a floor of immaculate and authentic furnishings, this room completely white plays the card of the’atmosphere of the sea. Refreshing, the decor focuses on the’essential and especially on furniture with classic design. L’cupboard in the chest through the bed nothing denotes. Tyssedal cabinet 329 euros and Alina, bed cover and 2 seat covers cushions 69 euros Ikea.

colors to wake up a room decor in white

In a room in a total white look, it is necessary to awaken, l’atmosphere with bright colors and why not of the reasons.

To give oomph to a room that is too white, nothing n’is more effective than color. In a pouf, bed linen, carpet or even on small tables d’booster, color pastel and bright mix to wake up all the decorations of a room that is too bland. And to surf some more on the current trend, opt for geometric patterns colored ! Bed with headboard and cushion TEYO 325,22 euros La Redoute

A room cocooning as white as a cloud

white is the best friend d’une chambre cocooning that search for serenity.

White is often l’ally d’une chambre cocooning. On the sheets, the duvet or the pillows on the floor or the paint on the walls, the white s’installs everywhere to make the room a cosy nest cosy. And to heat l’ambiance ethereal this piece white as snow, a sheepskin or a synthetic wool blanket large mesh do very well l’affaire ! TEJN, sheep Skin, synthetic, white, 14,95 euros Ikea

A room design contemporary gray and white

A white room adopts the gray deco to stay fresh while giving character.

This white room and plays on the oppositions of colors delicate, particularly involving the white wall decor gray. The bed linen and the carpet grey wake up the deco light of this room design. The black outline of the window for aesthetic forms and modern sublime the brightness of the room by accentuating the’effect of contrast.

A room clean bright white

With a few plants and a stylish cabin, this room takes on the terrain.

A small white room must s’to purify to the maximum to keep his cool and remain pleasant. A small bedside table, a mirror to give depth and green plants, this room putting on an effective and simple style, which breaks a total white look too far. The parquet golden oak warms up the’atmosphere of the room. Please note, the light and bright colors such as white are ideal for giving breath to a room in the lack of volume.

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