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White and wood design dining room in a few ideas

The dining room is much more than just a place to sit and have a meal. The Design Dining Room is the place where all the family members gather around the table around the table to tell their day, where the best friends are chatting, laughing together and where one is. sits down to taste his coffee in the morning

This is one of the most appreciated pieces in the interior: the dining room comfortable at the same time feeds the stomach and the soul. In this article, we will explore 25 examples of elegant dining rooms decorated in white and with wood that allow all these moments to be realized in all beauty.

Very elegant, this small dining room is decorated in Nordic style with brightly colored chairs, a minimalist style wooden table and shelves for more flexible storage as a backdrop. The collection on the shelves includes vintage elements by Grete Prytz Kittelsen, known as the queen of Scandinavian design.

White and wood design dining room in a few ideas

 ultra modern dining room

 elegant modern dining room

This dining room is a charming arrangement that follows the modern interior decoration of the open space. Wood and white accents harmoniously harmonize with decor around.

 Elegant spacious dining room

Marble tiled floor, dark wood furniture and cabinets. Open Houses – The materials in this dining room are rich and exciting. But what immediately catches the eye is the elegant chairs in black and their original design. The ceramics in green on the bottom give a touch of color to the deco

 dining room deco white wood

This simple and spacious dining room uses light shades for its decoration. The kitchen area is very interesting: white vertical panels frame the view, with box-shaped shelves where are arranged original accessories.

 dining room deco black accessories

A touch of industrial design makes this dining room very original. The black base of the table, the black accessories and the black cabinets are very beautiful against the natural wood background. The chairs are by famous designer Hans J. Wegner

 spacious dining room

Remember Wishbone chairs from one of the dining rooms displayed a little higher? This time, their clear, organic forms are juxtaposed against a substantial table with solid lines.

 dining room furniture wood

Those of you who like to organize large meals will certainly love the large table at eat on this picture. Worktops offer plenty of space to serve meals without taking up space on the table.

 Elegant dining chair

The simple design dining table is an excellent choice if you prefer rez to draw attention to the accessories like, for example, these iconic chairs by Eames and Verner Panton.

 dining room table wood

The floor covering with cream colored tiles and shimmering surfaces created A very luxurious decoration. The beautiful lacquered wood chairs come from the Flow collection by Jean Marue Massaud

 dining room deco idea

Immediately, the black chandelier of original design catches the eye in this dining room. The arrangement is composed by white chairs with a white base and a table with rounded feet.

 dining room original decoration

De rich mocha shades contribute to the creation of luxurious atmosphere in this dining room. The complete interior is very fascinating but it is the chandelier that perfectly accentuates the dark surfaces at the bottom that makes this view truly extraordinary.

 dining room furniture wood

The furniture is elegant dark wood gloves and warm-toned floor allow this space to embrace traditional decor without compromising contemporary style.

 contemporary decor dining room

In this image you see another room in eat with dark wood furniture but this time they contrast with the white minimalist background. The delicate Heracleum chandelier above the table is a great way to infuse the arrangement with light without really attracting attention.

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