White and blue fir for a holiday of Christmas in spirit of winter

The decoration of Christmas in white and blue corresponds fully to the spirit of a winter festival, fresh and mythical.

These white and blue fir decorating ideas will suit those who prefer artificial trees and flocked fir trees, but, as we will see, they are also easy to adapt to classic green trees.

There are several versions of the deco white and blue fir. The balls and other ornaments painted in these two colors are a good way to create a white and blue composition for a traditional Christmas tree, whether it is cut or placed in a plant pot in inside your house.

White and blue fir for a holiday of Christmas in spirit of winter

 fir-white flock artificial tree Christmas decor blue

Decoration of white and blue fir for small traditional Christmas tree

 white and blue fir small space idea of ​​christmas deco

Example of white and blue fir with shiny accents in gold and silver

 white and blue fir ornaments of original christmas decoration

If you have an artificial fir or a natural tree covered with artificial snow, some of your decorating work is already done; all you have to do is complete your tree with ornaments in blue! To do this, select balls and suspensions in one shade of blue or blend different shades!

Artificial fir model in white with Christmas balls in blue, gold and copper

 white fir flocked gold balls decoration christmas artificial fir

But the deco of white and blue fir is easy to supplement with balls of another color such as, for example, gold, l silver, green or red.

Photo of a small Christmas tree flocked in white with Christmas balls in red and light blue

 Christmas tree and a blue Christmas balls idea of ​​a small Christmas tree idea

an example of a small white fir tree with balls in red and blue, to which were added suspensions in neutral tones. A good proof that this kind of decoration works perfectly for all Christmas trees, whatever their size!

Artificial Christmas tree with decorations in blue, white and purple

 ] white fir and blue artificial snow balls white artificial fir

If you like cold shades, try to adorn your white fir tree with balls in blue and purple. To enhance the effect of this range of colors, add some silver ornaments too!

Christmas blue ball idea with white accents

 Christmas tree decoration idea white and blue ornaments boules

And here is a funny idea that will appeal to children: use the white and blue color palette to create a themed Christmas tree decoration, inspired by the long trage The Snow Queen !

Christmas decoration in white and blue with theme The Snow Queen

 Christmas tree white and blue deco snow queen Garlands Ornaments

For that, add to your Christmas balls and the rest of your white and blue fir decorations some references to this beautiful children’s story. You can buy wall stickers or print pictures of the characters and then stick them on a wooden support to hang on your Christmas tree.

Decorative seaside style for Christmas tree original in white and blue

The seaside style decoration provides us with another great theme for a fir in shades of white and blue. If you want to experiment with ornaments on the marine theme, get some sea stars and seashells that should be added to the classic white and blue balls.

Fir Ornaments christmas tree in white and blue

 Christmas decoration balls for tree white fir balls blue

Also think of additional accessories that would be added to decorations to hang on the branches of your tree. Christmas like, for example, a foot cover and an appropriate fir top

Footprint for Christmas tree in white

 foot cover Christmas tree decoration white carpet white fake leather ecological

The fir tree cover is a practical object not only because it conceals the trunk of the Christmas tree but also because it allows us to highlight the theme we have chosen for decoration.

Foot cover for ar christmas tree shaped patterned seaside style rug

 white and blue fir decoration seafront rug hiding

Thus, for a white and blue Christmas tree decorated with marine decorations, will also be wagering on a seaside – inspired patterned hedgehog, like the one pictured above.

Make your own white and blue fir cover with a vase or a flowerpot

 decoration noel natural white blue vase small

Of course, you do not have to buy all these things in one go and you can do it all simply fit a flower pot, vase or basket to a foot cover for your Christmas tree this year

Christmas Tree Pendants in silver and blue

 christmas tree picture white suspension deco

For a harmonious and modern Christmas decor, look to unify the colors of your ornaments and do not combine more than three different shades!

Christmas tree top in white fabric for a natural day decoration

 Christmas tree tops white decoration fabric diy christmas tree

Those who love ornaments Naturals will be pleased to learn that there are also decorations for fir made from entirely organic materials, such as cloth and paper. This kind of ornaments would be perfect for a white and blue fir!

Ideas for Christmas ornaments in white and blue to make oneself


Decorating of Christmas for fireplace with garland in white, blue and green

 christmas decoration of Christmas fireplace garland balls blue green

How to create an even more impressive Christmas decoration? By associating its white and blue fir tree with details and accents in the same colors that one will disperse everywhere in his hearth!

Christmas wreath for door of entry in white, blue and silver keys

 Christmas wreath diy model white and blue color

Start with your front door: put in a crown in white and blue made with pine cones, fir branches flocked, ribbons or artificial silver flowers.

Christmas party decorations in blue with silver and white accents

 Christmas deco theme original blue modern fir

White balls and blue for Christmas tree

 decoration white and blue flocked tree idea artificial fir

Then go to your fireplace or your coffee table. Place a garland in cold color shades or an ornamental composition with some pretty Christmas balls that you want to highlight!

Christmas table decor in white and blue with artificial Christmas tree

Finally, finish with your dining table Ðμn imagining a centerpiece and ornaments for chairs dominated by these same colors!

Glass pendant and blue for Christmas tree

 ornaments and deco Christmas tree design pendant

And if you need to buy decorations for your tree in white and blue, here are two nice suggestions:

Vintage christmas ball in shades of white and blue

 christmas idea original gift ball christmas tree white and blue

Snow cone snow-covered in white and blue tones *