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What rules do I adhere to for a neccessary flawless wedding nails?

We often talk about the importance of the hairstyle, dress and accessories for the perfect look of the bridal. But it is an aspect of its appearance that seems to be forgotten in general; it is the question of its decoration of nails.

To fill this gap, Designmag was interested in the rules to respect to have perfect nails the his wedding day. We deliver to you the results of our investigation in this publication dedicated to.

Wedding nail tips for a perfect look on D-Day.

Learn more about the most popular colors and about faults to avoid when it comes to decorating your nails wedding, it’s just down!

What rules do I adhere to for a neccessary flawless wedding nails?

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How to proceed to select your wedding nail decor?

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We immerse ourselves right away in the heart of the matter with some practical tips on the steps to follow regarding the selection of his wedding nail deco. As you may have guessed, the choice of color, shape and accessories for bridal nail decoration is not the day before the ceremony! Like the rest of the preparations concerning the bride, the decent wedding nails are to be spotted well in advance.


So that everything goes as planned on your wedding day, so think of selecting a shade and a decent nail wedding style at about the same time as you decide what will be your makeup and your hairstyle. That’s when it should be over to the question of who will be responsible for your nails.


Side © choice of color, the best way to proceed is to experiment with several nuances that seem appropriate to you. After all, you will probably try more than a wedding dress, so why not do the same for your nails nail?


At this point, you will have enough time to test interesting solutions (including mixes of shades). And, in addition, it would be a good excuse to change nail art more often!

I chose my nail wedding nails, what to do next?

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Have you ever spotted the color of nail polish or the ideal nail art for you? Perfect ! Now, here is a tip that concerns this very specific nuance that has seduced you: get more than one bottle of this precise shade! This will avoid the nasty surprises associated with stockouts a few days before your wedding.


In the ideal, try to get 3 identical vials of varnish. The first will serve you for your wedding nail decor; the second for your makeup bag that you will give to a friend; as for the third one, think about putting it in your wedding travel bag, especially if you plan to leave right after your birthday.

When to make a wedding anniversary?

The nail wedding is usually done a few days before the celebration.One day is a reasonable two days, neither too short nor Too long, even if you have decided to offer yourself for a professional wedding nail nail made by a pro, try to do it in the two days before your celebration. "


In short, take care of your hands as you usually do. Or, take the opportunity to learn some good thoughts on this topic!

Some tricks to offer you a nail perfect wedding


One to two days before the celebration of your wedding, you will go to your favorite beauty salon or bar. That day, do not forget to bring your vial of pre-selected nail polish. Even if you think that the shade of your choice is popular, there can always be surprises. Be forewarning to eliminate stress!


Other useful advice related to this step: Avoid the experiments! Admittedly, we said that you can do various tests in advance. But, two days away from your wedding, you will not have time to try nail solutions that are too daring.


How to make a perfect wedding nail clean on D-Day

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We end with some tips on your wedding nail decor for the D-day. If all goes as planned, you’ll already have your favorite nail art on the morning of your day party. At present, you would have to think about two or three extra small details. They will allow you to avoid incidents and take beautiful pictures.

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First of all, do not forget to slip a bottle of your nail polish in the makeup bag. Also pack a small bottle of your favorite hands and nails care product. Once done, give this kit to a close friend. The best thing would be to choose for this mission someone who will be at your side throughout the day. Then you can move on to your preparations: hairstyle, makeup, accessories …


Finally, before taking close-up shots, use a small hazelnut your product hand care. It will work wonders for your wedding photos!

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Here are 5 tips and tricks for a decent flawless wedding nails. And now, why not browse our selection of photos on the wedding manicure theme? You may be able to spot the perfect solution for your day!

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