Vitor Xavier’s multifunctional mini-kitchen

The mini kitchen “Soria” that focuses our attention in this article is a creation of Vitor Xavier. It is a compact and multifunctional island that would suit any apartment of limited size. The design process consisted of a few important steps. field research, study of the materials to be used, an ergonomic study, and 3D modeling training. The result is this elegant mini kitchen that contains everything you would need (including a small dining table). Discover this extraordinary design in pictures!

 mini multifunctional kitchen modern design

Mini Multifunctional Kitchen by Vitor Xavier

 Mini Kitchen Original Design vitor xavier

The Soria kitchen is composed of four black hotplates, a rectangular stainless steel sink, and several drawers and storage shelves. The table is hidden in the main body and can be easily removed when you need it. This little wonder is a rounded and ergonomic shape. Wooden details soften the coldness of stainless steel while preserving the extremely elegant character of the kitchen.

Minimalist design sink in compact kitchen

 Minimalist stainless steel sink design creative kitchen

You could tell that the cooking “Soria” would only be suitable for a living person alone? We will answer you: But not at all! Its most attractive feature is precisely in its compact nature. Its small size does not reflect on its functionality. You will have enough space for crockery and cutlery. More still you can enjoy the open shelves to install a discrete decoration.

Storage space in modern compact kitchen

 kitchen storage cabinet wood steel

Storage solution with compartments in kitchen design

 kitchen design drawer compartments

The mini kitchen is of a practical and aesthetic design

 modern kitchen stainless steel modern

Black cook plates can be integrated

 cooking plates contemporary kitchen

Wooden cutlery drawer in mini design kitchen

 wooden drawer compact functional kitchen

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