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Veined roof – some ideas for a rooftop garden

It does not matter if you are more like a city or rather a countryside, we all need a place where we can sit to relax and revel to flinch on life. That’s why we’re sure you’ll love these London-based MyLandscapes sunroofed ideas.

These are concepts of vaulted roofs with verdant terraces and gardens. We would also like to help you to furnish your veggie roof where you could share moments. with family or friends giving you some advice.

Veined roof – some ideas for a rooftop garden

 Modernized wooden statue roof

Veined roof with a beautiful decorative fountain  contemporary modern roof

What’s important when you create a visualized space on your roof is the depth and composition of the space and especially the securing to avoid accidents.

If you want a modern design, you can use white stones or sand around your green plants and flowers which will create a contrast with the surroundings of the city.

The stone gardens are a good option for those who love gardening and add a Nature element with modern and cold design. modern landscaped roof landscaping

You can also put a sculpture or a decorative fountain on the roof which will play the central point role of your vegetation space

Grow your plants according to the climate and your taste but do not forget that the pine trees will stay green all year round and can help you give more shape and texture to your rooftop garden.

Roof garden with wooden bench  modern rooftop garden

Roof lean and vivid with decency of white stones  rooftop garden tarrasse

Roof terrace design multilevel  design roof

Beautiful place to sit and reflect deko chir or share moments with his friends  Vitreousized wooden design

Space veined design on a roof  varnished roof design wood bench

Very nice terraced terrace on a roof  domed roof contemporary design

Pots of flowers on a modernized roof  modernized roof

Weathered teak deco Modernized rooftop  modernized green roof esapce

 modernized green roof fountain

 modernized garden roof

 green roof Modernized terrace

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