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Trendy men’s fashion spring-summer 2018: street style

What is the fashion trend man for the spring-summer season 2016? To answer this question, we decided not to talk about fashion shoots and weeks around the world, but rather to give you a different look across the street. style!

Fashion trends exist, but are they still dictated by leading designers? The answer is yes and no. In our large folder of more than 55 ideas of modern men’s outfits, you will discover “incognito” designers. People cruised in the street who impressed the photographers with their captivating looks. Let’s take a walk in the streets of Milan, London, Paris, New York and Senl!

Trendy men’s fashion spring-summer 2018: street style

 fashion trend man spring summer 2016 blue suit

Trendy men’s fashion spring-summer 2018 in more than 55 ideas

 fashion trend man street style 2016

So present pictures were taken between 2014 and 2016. The conclusion is that the trends of this season, are not very different from those of the previous seasons. Anything like David Bowie’s 1980s-inspired men’s haircut has become very modern lately, the Undercut, today’s fashion is inspired by yesterday’s fashion . The great sexual and intellectual evolution of the 60s and 70s has profoundly affected all fields of art.

More and more designers are creating collections of unisex clothing

 street Trendy Modern Trend Style Idea

Last year, we mentioned that the trendy spring-summer look of 2015 is the hippie look inspired by the 70’s: jumpsuits, denim jackets or in suede, shirts with floral motifs, not to mention the must-have jacket for the fashionista: the bomber jacket. This year, no fashion revolutions, we follow the current …

Trendy men’s fashion 2018: the bomber jacket

 trend fashion man shorts trend jacket

Do you know the origin of the bomber jacket? At the base, it was a nylon jacket created for pilots of the United States Air Force and those of the Navy. It was therefore a part of the American military uniform. Often it is also called “bomber”. These in the 50’s that the company Alpha Industries decided to market it and make it accessible to the general public. Until the year 2000, it existed only in navy blue and olive green.

The Belgian designer Raf Simons decides to make a whole collection interpreting the bomber jacket in different colors. Later, it is found at Givenchy and Dior. The bomber also has an interesting social history. It becomes an identity marker for skinheads in the 1980s who consider themselves prolific and later, in the ’90s, by American rappers Dr. Dre and Nas. Nowadays, it is simply seen as a modern, stylish and elegant piece of clothing.

Bomber jacket in orange colored suede

 jacker bomber suede trend black hat black trousers

Two ideas of comfortable and trendy men outfits

 trendy fashion trend t-shirt pants short hat trend sneakers

Street style, photography by The Urban Gentelman

Khaki color and military motifs are still trend

 trend man fashion jacket khaki jeans fashion trends

Suede jacket of color peach

 trend fashion man hat black jacket suede color peach hat

Costume and sneakers: elegant, comfortable and stylish

 trend fashion man suit sneakers modern idea e pants

Bet in. ur colorful patterns and washed jeans

 trend man fashion shorts spring summer 2016

A jacket in yellow with details in black

 fashion man trend 2016 ideal Modern yellow jacket

Denim is trend in all directions

 trend man fashion jacket jean pants jean t-shirt

A modern and comfortable look

 trendy fashion man jacket gray jeans shirt

Modern black cap and blouse

 fashion trend man spring summer 2016 blue backpack

Elegant man with blue square pants

bomber sweatshirt in gray

 fashion trend man gray jacket trend bag man ideal

all in black

 fashion trend man street style black t-shirt black modern trousers

The stripes are always very Trendy

 fashion trend man suit stripes t-shirt black

Black is synonymous with style

 fashion trend man 2016 black cap black jacket pants

The denim jacket at fur collar is a must

 denim jacket trendy black hat man fashion trend

Two boys in London

 fashion trendy man street style jean trousers trend shirt ideal london

Men in black

 fashion trend black modern t-shirt ideal sweatshirt

 fashion man trend modern pants black hat t-shirt

 fashion trend man hat idea pants black t-shirt glasses

 man fashion trend bomber jacket trend jeans

 paris week fashion street style man fashion trends

 fashion trend spring summer jacket jeans idea sweat

 sneakers converse trend fashion man pants gray gray jacket

 paris fashion trend hat white shirt ideal

 trend fashion man black jersey pants trend shoes ideal

 fashion man trend t-shirt white black pants

 fashion trend man idea jacket modern fashion man

 trend man fashion trendy hat glasses black pants

 trendy fashion man black pants jean jacket modern t-shirt idea

 fashion trendy bomber jacket trendy shoes creepers

 fashion trendy man shirt trendy white pants

 fashion trendy man trend e trend white mint color tie

 fashion trend man combination jeans trend

 man trend fashion shirt design modern glasses

 fashion trendy man suit idea pants tie

 man fashion trend idee shirt

 modern man trend hat ideal tee pants

 trend man white shirt bag beige combination jeans

 man trend fashion t-shirt pants black glasses [19659075] trend man fashion trousers idea trends

 trend fashion hat yellow red t-shirt trend pants

 man modern style trousers white jacket shoes

 man trend modern trousers white sandals man

 trend man fashion 2016 spring summer trousers blue sweatshirt

 modern man clothing trendy ideal suit glasses idea

 fashion trendy man 2016 spring summer street style

 fashion trendy man's idea jean jacket [19659083] fashion trendy man blouse jeans pants sneakers trend adidas

 london fashion street street style man trend clothes

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