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Transform your home interior with a bright color stroke

It’s been a few years since you have arranged your interior house everything is perfect, but you want to change. However, you are not ready to redo everything – painting, furnishing, upholstery – because it’s still expensive.

We have a solution for you. Come on, take your paint bucket and brush to put a splash of color in your home interior. It is not necessary to repaint everything. All it takes is a little detail, such as a wall, a staircase, doors to transform the whole house and improve your home.

As long as you do, choose a bright color that gets noticed. Do not be afraid, if in a little while you feel like it, a little bit of painting will restore the previous order. In terms of modern design, the bright colors are very trendy lemon yellow and mustard green.

Transform your home interior with a bright color stroke

 blue gray interior purple sofa

Violet is also appreciated, in all shades and shades. You can also add color by applying stickers and wallpaper to a particular place such as the kitchen or bathroom. But it’s not just painting to introduce color. You can change the furniture, cushions, accessories and paintings on the walls. For example, you have an interior in gray or black and you want a color accent. So, install a purple sofa or another color that you like and you have a new design interior house. Likewise, you can play with color lighting that introduces tinted shadows.

Bright color transforms your interior

 Inner salon mustard green accent

Choose an element of the house interior to introduce color

 living room with purple scaler

The painting is the touch of color

 interior house living room white black

colors on the painting replicate those of the interior

 interior living room wood colored painting

The colored element attracts attention

 living room light wood light re

Lighting also introduces color

 indoor living room lighting color

The colors of a full moon night


 interior living room gray blue red

Wallpaper with word floral yew

 interior living room paper floral pattern

interior living room plum color

 interior living room sofa plum color

Natural patterns on blinds and wallpaper

 interior living room kitchen wallpaper

 interior house living room gray black

 interior house living room brown

 interior house living room brown sofa

 interior house red touch

 interior living room accent yellow green
 interior living room natural colors

 interior living room glamor

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