Toilet furniture: 50 suggestions of modern design

A simple way to give your bathroom and WC a modern look is to use a vanity cabinet of this style: here are 50 suggestions for this space. Modern design can To be used for the decoration of a toilet and bathroom space of all sizes.

However, as this design is characterized by furniture with simple shapes They are also small, and are often chosen for small parts. This is what makes it very suitable for the installation of toilets and toilets that are in a separate room in the bathroom.

Toilet furniture: 50 suggestions of modern design

 modern wc toilet furniture

Modern wooden design toilet cabinet by Ceramica Flaminia

 Toilet furniture modern design

The modern style toilet furniture has simple and elegant shapes. It does not occupy much space: on the contrary, it is compact and designed to save space while allowing you to easily organize your interior. Suspended furniture type models, which correspond precisely to this description, are particularly typical for the decoration of modern toilets.

Idea of ​​toilet furniture for small suspended type space

 deco suspended furniture toilet

To choose a modern style bathroom furniture, one should bet on classic materials: wood, stone and glass. These materials are also present in the upholstery and accessories of a space of this kind. Some models with artificial surfaces also find their place in toilets of this style. Modern design is inspired by other interior design trends that offer functional, pretty and natural solutions. For this reason, we can easily combine elements made of different materials that are functional and contribute to the creation of a calm and pleasant atmosphere.

Example of a vanity unit in natural materials

 wood furniture in white wc

The furniture most often present in modern style toilets are those for washbasins as well as solutions that allow us to hide the tank toilets. These sometimes offer additional storage options: for toilet paper and household products. In addition to these pieces of furniture, modern toilets often have some extra storage or decorative items. In this category, we generally find the so-called “bathroom column” furniture, minimalist style open plan shelves, as well as benches and stools.

Furniture toilet by Ceramica Flaminia in dark blue and back in neutral tones

 furniture ideas toilet design

To get a modern atmosphere in the bathroom or toilet, we must also pay attention choice of colors for upholstery and furniture. As a rule, all colors are allowed, but their use must emphasize simplicity and comfort. Many pieces of this type are decorated with an accumulation of neutral colors and accents in more interesting hues. In this case, the neutral shades are generally used for the upholstery while the colored furniture serves as decorative accents.

Small space toilet with mini vanity and washbasin 

From a practical point of view, this solution also facilitates the maintenance of the room. A monochrome background in neutral shades, light or dark, is easier to clean. It also gives you the ability to spot spots faster. This is an advantage not to be overlooked in decorating a space that requires regular maintenance! That’s how furniture can be used to give a bathroom. or to his toilets a modern and comfortable air. This collection of suggestions offers illustrations of different modern furniture models:

Toilet furniture and modern storage idea

 storage toilet modern furniture deco

Idé dé toilet with natural materials

 modern toilets furniture design

Wooden washbasin cabinet for modern toilet deco

 toilet and bathroom modern wood furniture

Toilets with modern decor in dark tones and wooden furniture

 modern storage wooden toilet

Modern style wooden toilet cabinet

 modern furniture wooden toilet

Idea bathroom toilet with neutral colors and wooden furniture

 bathroom furniture modern toilet

Toilet modern design: ideas for storage furniture and stools

 modern deco toilet furniture

Color WC and decoration modern with storage furniture

 bathroom deco furniture modern toilet

Arrangement of toilet and toilet with modern furniture

 furniture toilet design ideas

Idea of ​​pallet colors for toilet modern deco

 furniture wc modern decoration

Modern furniture for toilet and toilet

 ideas furniture deco toilet

Wooden furniture for modern design toilet 

Modern toilet and washroom cabinet with designer furniture by Ceramica Flaminia

 furniture designer furniture toilet

Modern toilet cabinet in neutral colors  modern wc cabinet with storage

 furniture wheel cabinet with modern toilet

 black cabinet with toilet modern decoration

 bathroom cabinet with modern ideas

 bathroom cabinet with toilet interior bathroom

 interior bathroom furniture

 modern bathroom furniture

 bathroom cabinet modern bathroom

 contemporary bathroom furniture idea

 idee deco modern bathroom furniture

 bathroom cabinet wc modern

 furniture modern wc white

 furniture desiign wc modern

 furniture floating toilet bathroom

 shelf storage bathroom

 wc deco furniture modern toilet

 furniture storage ideas modern toilet [19659066] modern bathroom furniture wc

 contemporary furniture wc design

 modern WC column furniture

 wall shelf wc modern ambiance

 furniture deco toilet and toilet

 small furniture modern wc

 furniture toilet minimalist design

 color painting toilet furniture wood

 decor wc modern furniture toilet

 decoration wc modern ranegements

 modern wc deco columns [1 9659077] amenagement toilet contemporary decor

 amenagement wc moderne

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