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To build a library: how to proceed?

Have you ever had to create a library and have no idea of ​​how to fill it? Have you been wondering if there were any rules regarding the organization of the library? Well, we’ll reassure you: it’s not there is no correct decoration of the library. There are, however, many ideas for the arrangement of this practical piece of furniture designed to embellish the room. Persuade yourself by yourself!

 to house a design library

Build a brightly colored library

 Build a color library

If you’re not a fan of the library pure and simple, opt for bright colors. You can paint the shelves (like the solution of LDA Architecture & Interiors above) or you can install colored objects to restore the decoration. You can also choose lighter shades like gray and blue. Although neutral, they will give your library a special touch. If the piece is of white dominance, for example, dare the brilliant red (proposal by Harold “Bud” Dietrich AIA NCARB).

Conveying a library surrounding the portal

 arrange a Elegant Library

As far as the organization of your library is concerned, you have many possibilities: books or works of art, no matter how long they are stored. § appropriate. Match objects of a different character – this will give a unique look to your library. Do not be afraid to install books that are not perfect in appearance. The asymmetry as well as the antiquity of the books often endows them with a particular charm.

Library decoration with brilliant colors

 to house an original library

Si you are a lover of travel (which is not!), you can use the library space to expose your travel memories. The contrast created with the books will highlight your items and you can even use them as bookends. So here we are, immerse yourself in our examples to discover many more inspiring and original ideas.

Very White and Very Elegant Library

 lodge-a-library que-deco

Library decoration in blue sky

 to house a colorful library decoration

Very high white library

Elegant bookcase wooden

 arrange a library large wood

Development of a design library by Candelaria Design Associates

 deco modern library lattice design

Library with splashback in orange

 library colors red white living room

Vertical wooden bookcase in classic living room

 arrangement of wooden bookcase shelving

Small Library with Glazed Doors by Canton Custom Homes

 Layout a Library with Doors

White Library with Shelvesby Robbins Architecture

 Amé swimming a white library

Symmetrical Libraries beside the Chimney by Soorikian Architecture

 Layout a Library Chimney Lounge

Great Wall Library in Contemporary Home

 White Wall Library Home Improvement

Decorating Library of Art Objects and Books

 Storage Objects Library White House

Minimalist Wooden Shelves by Turn Collaborative Architecture

 Shelves Contemporary Wood Bookshelf

Original and colorful decoration library in living room

 ideas organization library contemporary painting

Library organization by colors

 arrangement by colors library living room

 organizing original design library

 white shelves library decorative objects [19659047] books objects library living room

 arranging a library against a stone wall

 corner office surrounded by shelves library

 wooden library with collections of books

 how to house a library with ladder

 superb library furniture of baroque style

 wooden library with directional lighting

 arrange a library with travel souvenirs

 books and decorative objects in the library

 small reading corner with a comfortable bed

 library on open shelves in white

white shelving library in spacious living room

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