Three examples of indoor deco of a modern living room

The interior deco is very important for a modern living room.

In these modern living rooms by Michael Nugroho shows us a contemporary design and a sophisticated style.

The first interior design takes us to a living room where light comes from all over the day.

And when night falls the room is illuminated by hanging cascading lamps. The integrated LED lighting strips are throughout the room which highlights the objects on the shelves.

Three examples of indoor deco of a modern living room

 deco to enter - salon

The interior decoration of this living room includes this beautiful hanging lamp

 Modern interior deco in a living room

In the second room the interior deco the walls and the visual and sound equipment immediately attract attention to the design even without the need to turn on the lights. A large rug in bright white and red follows the design’s mosaic pattern and the coffee table unites all in one on an intermediate level.

The black furniture of masculine design in the third room is accentuated by the tones of the walnut wood. The simple white wall and storage space composed by tall shelves add a warm touch to this modern place.

Modern, spacious and bright living room

 Decorative interior - living room furniture

The leather furniture makes this living room a luxurious and comfortable place

 interior deco furnishing modern living room

Light comes from everywhere in this contemporary living room

 © modern interior-living room co

When the night falls this room s-illuminates thanks to the integrated LED lights

 furniture living room modern living room

The bouquet of flowers adds a splash of color to this black and white living room

 leather design living room furniture

The large windows allow the daylight to clear up this living room throughout the day

 decorated interior salon

Beautiful cascading pendant lamps

 read first hanging room

Minimalist style dominates in this lounge deco

 interior design bright living room

The simplicity of the deco makes this living room a living room extremely Elegant

 interior deco living room bright chairs

 home furnishing modern living room carpet

 interior design living room white red

 interior design red white living room furniture

 deco of interior living room leather

 interior deco living room armchair leather

 furniture wood living room leather

 furniture living room design wood

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