The Scandinavian deco – a decad chic for Christmas

We do not know too much the Scandinavian countries, let alone the Scandinavian deco and that is why they attract our curiosity. And as we associate them mainly with the snow, Christmas is the good time of the year to tell you about the Scandinavian Christmas decoration. We chose a beautiful norwegian house to show you what is Scandinavian chic.

The warm atmosphere in this exceptional Christmas home comes from its interior design and beautiful decor. All rooms decorated including the hallway are a beautiful once again demonstrate the beauty of minimalism even for the holidays.

The Scandinavian deco – a decad chic for Christmas

 Scandinavian coffee table

Scandinavian coffee table

The Scandinavian Christmas decor in this house is beautiful and minimalist

 Scandinavian deco Noel table

Elegant table runner with candles and little serfs decorative on the coffee table and just green branches accentuated by the candlelight on the dinner table â € “this is the entire table decoration.

In the dining room Bath there is a nice towel rack and even on the stairs there are nice little Christmas details. Every corner of this house carries this warm feeling of comfort and calm. Look ! Maybe you’d find your inspiration for Christmas?

Green branches and candles for the Christmas table

 Scandinavian deco table decorated e Noel

Beautiful wooden staircase with decorative elements

 Scandinavian deco stanchion decorated

Simple decorating is sometimes the best choice

Large mirror, candles and Christmas gifts on the gray sofa

 Scandinavian decoration gray sofa

The wood in white is everywhere in the house

 Scandinavian decoration white bedroom

Bright and warm child bedroom

 Scandinavian decoration child room

Details are very important in the decoration

 deco scandinavian cushions

Minimalist wooden kitchen

 deco scandinavian kitchen wood

Mirror design on a retro desk

 Scandinavian deco mirror desk

 Scandinavian deco wood child room

 Scandinavian deco hallway entrance
 Scandinavian deco bed coré

 Scandinavian deco Noel details

 Scandinavian deco towel rack

 Scandinavian bathroom decor

 bathroom details

 scandinavian christmas tree
 Scandinavian wood house

 Scandinavian wood house door

 Scandinavian wood house terrace