The Roche Bobois bedroom: take inspiration from the high-end

With this article we offer you a guided tour of the collections of upscale Roche Bobois bedrooms. Indeed, many do not have the means to afford a room Roche Bobois, still others lack space to replicate these proportions. But this is not a reason not to be inspired by the design, furnishing style, decor and layout of spaces. One of the essential features of the Roche Bobois bedroom is the platform bed that seems to be the designer’s favorite model. Moreover, most of his creations are of modern style.

They are designed to fit into any environment – from the contemporary style to the functional accent to the more traditional style of chateau ambience. The collection covers a wide spectrum of material choices in which wood predominates. There is a focus on upholstered furniture.

Glossy wood finishes reflect more light, which is ideal for smaller spaces or when landscaping a more confined space than those pictured here. In the Roche Bobois bedroom bedside tables are often matched to the wardrobe for clothes, which creates a certain harmony. This design gives us the freedom to add color and shape the interior space as we wish, working on the walls, the decor and furniture.

 Roche Bobois bedroom minimalist

The bedroom Roche Bobois

 bedroom at bed Roche Bobois elegante

Idea of ​​bedroom deco with wall in blue

 bedroom Roche Bobois wall accent

Bedroom decoration in brown and blue

 bedroom Roche Bobois brown blue

Industrial style bedroom deco


Modern design and bed on platform

 Bedroom Roche Bobois modern design

Bedroom in bed with bed in original design and walnut

 Bedroom Roche Bobois original design walnut wood

Bedroom with bay window

 Bedroom Roche-Bobois contemporary bed

Bedroom elegant wooden

 Roche Bobois furniture modern walnut

Bedroom Roche Bobois retro style

 Bedroom Roche Bobois design chateaux furniture upholstery

Colonial style bedroom

 Colonial style bedroom gray walls

Assorted nightstands and wardrobe

 Roche Bobois modern bedroom matching furniture

Purple bedroom and upholstered furniture

bedroom modern purple upholstered furniture

Roche Bobois shed style design

 Roche Bobois room style design shed

minimalist design

 Roche Bobois minimalist bedroom design

sophisticated design

 Roche Bobois sophisticated bed design platform

Bed on platform and upholstered

bed platform upholstered

Bedroom very design

 rock bobo is design modern bedroom floor mat wheelchair idea design design

Design design paris bedroom mirror arrangement armchair pink floor mats coffee table wood

Bedroom child design

 bedroom design modern bed floor mats gray deco flowers

bedroom modern

 bedroom design rock bobois double bed blue parquet decoration yellow armchair design

bedroom furniture

Room with elegant furniture


Designer bedroom Roche Bobois

 idea design bedroom design rock bobois bed lamp

The design of Roche Bobois is simply exceptional …

 living room deco rock bobois sofa purple leather pouf yellow floor rug

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