Home Living Room Modern Corner Sofa Sets

Modern Corner Sofa Sets


The beauty and the magic of this living room or bedroom in perfect coastal look lies in the fact that we approach the nature and their soothing stay. The best way to achieve this is to borrow the color palette the beach has to offer. Inside the house, minimalism dominates with brick walls and neutral hues.

Unlike the generic white walls, this is a gallery style environment that is far more energetic and attractive. With the right light decoration and the right accessories, a living room with brick walls can be visually more appealing, as the furniture shines through in neutral shades.

The idea of ​​bringing a modern upswing to aging is very popular with homeowners around the world. Some are choosing to do the renovation because their home urgently needs one and others are looking for an aesthetic overhaul that will give their home a more contemporary context.

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Modern Corner Sofa Sets

Glass and wood partition walls throughout the house filter the sunlight and a new floor plan transforms the once-closed house into a welcoming and cheerful atmosphere. It is the back of the house, which gets a dramatic facelift with the new building, while the street facade remains completely unchanged. This preserves the original classic atmosphere of the residence while ensuring that the interior has a charisma inspired by modern industrial lofts in cities such as New York and Vancouver.

Conventional style size: 398 * 240 * 180 cm

Modern Corner Sofa Sets

About the color armrest, headrest, base cloth is light color, do not change.Only the color of the seat cushion can choose different colors, Because the photo is influenced by the light, the light color at the bottom has color difference. The customers take the material object as the standard.If you mind mind colors, buy carefully.The color of the sofa is the color of the seat.The pillow is random.

Modern Corner Sofa Sets


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