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The interior garden is not only for large spaces

For a long time, the Interior Garden was seen as an exotic attribute of Asian cultures. Then, contemporary design has integrated into the design of large public buildings, mussées and department stores designed by renowned architects.

Today Today, the interior garden has entered our homes and become very trendy. It is not necessary to have a big house or apartment to afford to have one. Plants, flowers and even trees can find a place for everyone, as long as they reflect well on the layout and show a little imagination.

The interior garden is not only for large spaces

 Chamber Trade Industry Slovenia

The interior garden s ‘insert in any space

 interior garden in house

The layout of the interior garden depends on the nature of the plants you want to have at home. If you want to focus on greenery, install a wall of vegetation. These are small pots in which the vegetation grows. There are big and small, appropriate for all spaces. Make sure the wall is exposed to natural light.

For more details on the DIY aspect, you can find info at Flowall. If you prefer a small garden with flowers and plants consider consulting a florist and garden specialist on the type of plants that can coexist in an indoor area. You can also install an indoor pool and your garden in it, it’s so pretty.

Today, we have selected for you some photos that showcase the interior garden in different ways: in the public space and in the private space. We wanted to give you a general vision of the different arrangements and structures of gardens.

Vegetable space under the stairs  interior garden under stairs

 Chamber of Commerce and of Industry, Slovenia, by Sadar Vuga Architects

 Garden Chamber Trade Industry Slovenia

Structures and Plants in Motion  Chamber Trade Industry Slovenia3

Corner Small Garden

 Idea es interior garden apartment Small veranda with interior garden  interior garden apartment plants Garden in living room design

 interior garden small apartment Garden on the roof of a building  garden on a chic roof

Garden on a roof with trees

 garden on a roof

Garden on a cozy balcony  garden roof apartment

Green wall In the bathroom 

 loft interior garden New York

 plant wall apartment

 plant wall panel

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