The interior design of Asian and modern style

You already know the contemporary interior designer Vic Nguyen, we talked about it in a previous article about his modern style bedrooms. Today we are going to explore another collection of interiors, this time from Asian style . As you can see in the photos, these beautiful, contemporary designer interiors reflect the characteristics of Asian cultures and the pleasant and Zen atmosphere of their own. Vic Nguyen invites us to plunge into our stressful lives a little of the charm and peacefulness that Asian aesthetics carries in itself.

 Interior Asian style Boudhha

Asian and contemporary style interior

 Interior style Asian brown wood

The designer revisits the space of the modern house by introducing also original decorative elements. A Buddha sculpture in one corner of the room transforms the entire atmosphere and calls for a few moments of our chaotic daily life to the calm and serenity inspired by Eastern temples.

Another element of Oriental inspiration is the pattern of wood use and its specific characteristics – rich, deep and dark tones of wood, highlighted by a white background that is not pretentious. Contemporary and minimalist style furniture interacts with a highly conceptualized light that unites the whole. Framed wood panels for an interior wall are another element of the Asian style . The worked wood thus introduces unpainted geometric patterns and is also a piece of decoration. The modern Asian interior of this design gives plenty of room for light effects and lighting that enhances finishes and blond wood finishes. This design is perfect for living rooms and large indoor spaces.

Another creative detail is floral wallpaper, always in combination with wood coverings. The Vietnamese designer pays much attention to furnishings – beds, tables, stools, low-rise chairs. For example, its coffee table for tea service is a beautiful creation born from the meeting between modern design and traditional Asian design. Look at these pictures of modern Asian-style interiors and let you imagine your future home!

A kitchen and dining area

 Kitchen and living room light oak design

Immaculate white walls and light oak on the floor

 Kitchen and living room light oak modern Asian design

Modern furniture and sophisticated lighting

 Kitchen and living room light oak Nguyen design

A touch of contemporary art

 Interior Design Asian Style Monochrome Colors

White, Black and Gray

 Interior Design Asian Style Low Bed

Asian-style detail: the bed at the height of floor

 Bedroom Nguyen white gray black

Living room with floral wallpaper

 Interior living room modern Nguyen wallpaper

Classically inspired furniture and pa brown wooden coat

 Interior modern living room Nguyen wallpaper parquet

Bedroom and office with a fretwork wood partition

 Bedroom office partition fretwork wood

A contemporary living room made of lights and wood

 Contemporary living room Nguyen

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