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The girl’s bedroom: functional and aesthetic deco ideas

The bedroom deco for girls differs widely from that for boys. When planning a room for your little girl, remember that she must be reminiscent of a princess home. Here we selected several ideas bedroom deco for girls. You will find examples of more sober interiors, as well as brilliant and flashy color-like decorations. We also fell for orange, green and red furniture.

 functional aesthetic deco girl room

Modern and original design girl’s room

 Contemporary black and white girl's room

All the rooms below are comfortable and practical. They include workspaces, small bookcases or book shelves or closets specially designed for girls. The mirror is an indivisible detail of the interior of their rooms, you will find it in several photos. Even if there is no particular design for each of the rooms, the decorative elements form functional and aesthetic complexes.

If you do not fall for the bright colors, opt for neutral schemes

 of a girl neutral colors wood

Or dare brilliant colors

 girl room deco idea original

Child room decoration in red and white

 girl room red white furniture

Girl’s room orange decoration

 bright orange decorating girl room

Still a green room decorating solution

 bright green girl living room

Decorating traditional girl room decor

 pink wood bedroom decorating girl

The classic girl room in bright pink

 room girl bright pink decoration

Modern child room 3D

 kid room 3D pink red

 room child black sober green

 bedroom girl pink chic bed canopy

 decoration bedroom girl white yellow

 home decor bedroom girl pink paint

 idea bedroom decor 3D girl

 idea design bedroom girl white green

 idea design bedroom girl red rose

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