The contemporary Bondi House in Sidney: a truly successful renovation

The Bondi House, created by Fearns Studio, is located in Sidney, Australia. It is a contemporary house with very open interior spaces and whose architecture is designed to capture the light of the day.

This work is the result of a renovation in a Victorian-style house, located in a tight neighborhood, unfriendly to intimacy. The architects of Fearns Studio have taken up the challenge and succeeded in modifying the layout of the living spaces in order to make the house more spacious and clear.

One of the originalities of this renovation – glazed openings in the ceiling that bring light to the ground floor. this is done on both levels of the house so as to respect the intimacy of the inhabitants. On the ground floor are the living rooms, designed in a long layout. Solid wood sliding doors open onto adjoining spaces and finally onto the small interior garden.

The contemporary Bondi House in Sidney: a truly successful renovation

 Bondi House second level

The renovation is done in oak and steel, the floors are in natural tones. The very warm and friendly appearance of this contemporary home is reflected in the whiteness of the plastered walls and ceilings and in the light wood upholstery that make the spaces even more clear. Look at these photos and see the Bondi House in Sidney.

The Architect’s Lens – Capturing Natural Light

 contemporary house bondi house

A small but spacious contemporary home

 contemporary chalerous house

Sliding doors to optimize space

 contemporary house chalereuse bay windows

Opened windows to the ceiling

 Bondi House open ceiling

An arrangement of rooms in length

 modern house renovation light

Plastered walls

 modern house light ceiling

Furnished kitchen made of oak wood

 modern sliding door house

Natural light captured by the ceiling


 modern bathroom house

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