The contemporary bedroom by Koj design studio

The Vietnamese designer Nguyen Duy Khanh knows all the ingredients for the creation of a contemporary bedroom that is welcoming and stylish. As you will see in the pictures below, he does not spare his efforts to reinvent this room with spaces that lend themselves to relaxation, large textures and light forms. Definitely, one feels very good in these designer bedrooms and it remains only to choose which one inspires us the most.

 Bedroom Artistic Design

An eclectic design

 Chamre à coucher style electric

This bedroom is really extraordinary. The wood-clad wall behind the bed mimics the design of the floor, creating a mirror effect. The open wardrobe shows the clothes and in this way dresses the space. Natural light creates a cozy atmosphere.

Contemporary bedroom: wide wooden planks on the wall and floor

 Contemporary bedroom wall wooden floor

Contemporary bedroom with gray wall and light wooden floor

In this contemporary bedroom the wood element is just as important, raised by immaculate white walls. The small detail is the carpet, which here also dresses the space that is otherwise natural design. The light comes naturally from the outside and adds elegance to the whole.

The carpet is the small important detail

 Contemporary bedroom carpet

A touch of color with these paintings

This room is more futuristic in design. The wall covering with geometric shapes contrasts with a neutral gray floor. A certain dramatic mood is created by the ceiling lamps that return the light from the wall to the bed. The textures of the fabrics are highlighted.

A modern and futuristic design

 Room design Koj original graphics

An original graphic design

 Room design Koj original graphics light

wooden panels for wall covering

 Koj wooden wall design room

Here we have a more stylized model that uses mixed wood textures. The dark wood clad wall features geometric shapes in contrast to the classic, lighter wood parquet. The same geometric patterns are found on the edge of the bed and on the leather armchair.

Graphics and mixed wood for this contemporary bedroom

 Koj design bedroom geometric shapes

Dark wood and light wood

 Design room Koj geometric patterns

Tradition, modernity and artistic taste

 Chamre à coucher artistic design Koj modern art

Contemporary bedroom: pristine white and wood

 Bedroom artistic design Koj

In this contemporary bedroom, the bare brick wall adds an urban look in contrast to the parquet floor. These two textures meet for the best in a set where light plays a vital role. The white-painted wood-beamed ceiling makes the whole thing very chic.

Combined urban design and rustic design

 Contemporary urban-style living room

This room has a very dynamic graphic design. It is filled with different textures with different patterns. Circles on the floor mat, tiles on the bed cover, all enhanced by a wall paneling vertical panels.

Graphic effects

 Chamre bed artistic design Koj graphics

 Artistic design bedroom with wood

 Koj contemporary design room

 Koj minimalist design bedroom

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