The Bulbing lamp and the KooDuu Synergie lampion, two design lamps for a cocooning atmosphere

The cocooning style attaches great importance to all the elements that contribute to the feeling of well-being and relaxation, including lighting. In an interior of cocooning atmosphere, one usually opts for sources of ambient light or felted.

To create such lighting at home , there are now original looking luminaires that can easily be transformed into focal points of our decorations.

These luminaires have the advantage of bringing a touch of deco design to our living spaces through their innovative silhouettes and their multifunctional character.

The Bulbing lamp and the KooDuu Synergie lampion, two design lamps for a cocooning atmosphere

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The Bulbing lamp and the KooDuu Synergie lampion, two design luminaires for one to Cocooning atmosphere lighting

Today, we are introducing two types of design luminaires that have seduced us by their intriguing appearance and the felted lighting solutions they offer us. . These are Bulbing table lamp and KooDuu Synergy lamp. Here’s how to use them to compliment your cocooning style deco!

The Bulbing lamp, a soft lighting source for a relaxing indoor atmosphere

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The table lamps are an essential accent in the ambience of cocooning. They are placed on side tables or on consoles; they adorn the open shelves and the cozy reading corners with a lot of success. The Bulbing lamp is a trendy accessory that can easily turn into a accent of decency for your living room or bedroom.


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 Soft and delicate lighting source, this small luminaire is ideal for the interior decoration of a relaxing atmosphere. If you’ve fallen for the Bulbing lamp, know that you can choose between several models that will harmonize with the decor of a living room, an adult bedroom or a child’s bedroom.

The KooDuu Synergy lampion, a multifunctional deco-cocooning object

In the evening, LED lighting fixtures serve as accents in indoor or outdoor spaces with a cozy atmosphere, and this is not surprising since their light Delicate is auspicious At the end of the day, the KooDuu Synergie lampion is such a source of Scandinavian-inspired indirect lighting.

Of a natural aspect, this luminaire is not without evoke the association with a cocoon. But the modern lamppost does not impress only by its shape. Obeying the principles of Nordic design, KooDuu Synergy is designed to perform several functions at the same time. This is how it can also serve as a champagne bucket and speaker. It can be easily synchronized with your smartphone thanks to its built-in bluetooth system. So this is an accessory that will complete your felted lighting, while allowing you to liven up your evenings!

The KooDuu Synergie LED lamp is made of high-end materials to easily embellish the decor of a cozy living room or a chic terrace. It is available in three different sizes and fits even the smallest spaces.You can choose the size that suits you best!

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