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The bridesmaid dress comes in several pretty shades. Which one would you choose?

You are going to get married soon and you’re looking for a bridesmaid dress idea for your girlfriends. closer? As the choice of the wedding dress, that of bridesmaids’ outfits is an important step in the preparation of your wedding.

How to choose the model of bridesmaid dress for her wedding?

Luckily, today, you can count on us to learn more about it. Below, a small folder that will explain what are the basic elements to take into account to choose the color of a bridesmaid dress. And, to complete it, a gallery of the 100 best outfits of this type found on Pinterest!

The bridesmaid dress comes in several pretty shades. Which one would you choose?

 color-model-choice-ideas bridesmaid dress

What Are the Criteria for Choosing Color for a Bridesmaid Dress? ?

 Bridesmaid Dress Wedding-Color-Model-Ideas

You may not know it, but wedding pros say that there are some criteria. They help them determine the right color for the bridesmaids dresses for each event. We have selected 3 that are both simple to use and very practical. This is the season of the feast, the marriage ceremony (and its theme) and the carnation of the bridesmaids.

If you are looking for an idea Bridesmaid dress color, these three criteria will help you to see more clearly. Here are a few more details on each one of them.

Choose a color for bridesmaid dress depending on the season of your holiday

 bridesmaid dress color-pastel-long- model

As for the wedding dress, the season is the first criterion to consider when choosing a bridesmaid outfit. As you probably know, models of wedding dresses have various advantages and disadvantages depending on the period of celebration.

 Bridesmaid Dress girl-color-light-yellow-mid-length honor

 In addition to the length and other points regarding the silhouette, the season may also dictate the most suitable colors for a bridal gown or damsel of honor. For example, silver colors are generally associated with winter; pastel shades, on the other hand, are best for a spring or summer wedding.


In this regard, know that light and feminine tones are more suited to a romantic marriage. ; they are also very suitable for rustic, chic and vintage country parties. You plan to organize a celebration of style rather official? So consider colors for classic bridesmaid dress, such as black and white. For a chic evening, indoors or outdoors, you could also wager on elegant outfits with glitter or sequins.

The Bridesmaid’s Carnation , a criterion not to be underestimated!


Contrary to the two other criteria examined, the carnation of the damsels of Honor is a very specific detail. And it is to be taken into account necessarily if you want to put at ease your friends!


The most simple to identify the best bridesmaid dress color by following this criterion, to take a look at the most popular shades. It’s a step that’s all the easier now that you can see ideas for bridesmaid outfits online. Check out our gallery of images to find the right shade for your closest friends!

What are the most popular colors for a bridesmaid dress?

 Outfit-of-marriage-color -pastel-idea-dress-bridesmaid

In addition to the 3 criteria listed above, you can also take inspiration from our images of models of wedding outfits. You will spot the most popular and favorite colors in bridesmaid dress. So here’s a good starting point for this stage of your wedding planning.

Among the most trendy tones for a bridesmaid dress, there are no less than 7 shades pre- cises. Here are some details on each of them.

Why try a bridesmaid dress in navy blue, gray or pink tones

" navy blue color is at the top of our list because it is suitable for all skin tones. It is also versatile with regard to the bridesmaid dress silhouette that you will prefer. In addition, it brings out the white, which is always an asset for the bride!

 long-color-pastel-light-ideas bridesmaid dress

The shades of light gray come in second place since they can be worn throughout the year. Gray is a neutral color; As such, it blends easily with accents of all other colors. A very pretty solution, to customize at will with thematic accessories!

The pink is a romantic and classic color at At the same time, depending on the model chosen for the bridesmaid dress, the rose can be worn on the occasion of an official ceremony or a casual party. then, thanks to its many shades, you will no doubt find a solution that will please all your friends!

Bridesmaid dress in shades of purple, green, turquoise or burgundy

The purple color and its plum shade are feminine but also very chic. The shades of purple emphasize the beauty of long or short dresses. In addition, purple is the trend color for this year. So this is a good idea for those who dream of a modern and elegant wedding at the same time!


The green color rhymes with nature and with youth. We like it on a short or long dress, or even in a green and white version with floral print. Itâ € ™ s an option to consider, especially if you are organizing an outdoor wedding.


The shades turquoise are a mixture of blue and green that make us think of the precious stone of the same name; they are also associated with the color of the sky and the sea. In their pastel version, these shades are worn both on the occasion of a garden party and weddings on the theme of the seaside.


Like purple, burgundy is a color that generally decays in dark tones. For this reason, it is ideal for ceremonies with official character. In a long or loose version, the bridesmaid dress in burgundy shade can be worn throughout the year. But it’s probably one of the prettiest options for the fall and winter season.

Models and colors for bridesmaid dress – Ideas in Pictures

You Need more inspiration to decide what is the ideal color of bridesmaid dress for your wedding? Discover our selection of patterns and shades for such a stand tag on Pinterest!

Bridesmaid dress purple color






Dress for bridesmaid color pink

 dress-maid of Honor-pink sequins-feature model

 dress-maid of Honor-daughter-wedding-ideas [19659057] bridesmaid dress color-pink-style-long-wedding-theme

 color-outfit-wedding -demoiselle of Honor-ideas

 dress-maid of Honor-beige light-feature model

 dress-maid of Honor pink-high-long-strapless model

 bridesmaid dress mid-long-ribbon-color-light-beige


 bridesmaid dress gray-long-ideas


 bridesmaid dress beige-light-mid-long-strapless


Bridesmaid dress models in red


Dresses for bridesmaids in green



Outfit for bridesmaids in burgundy color


 bridesmaid dress bordeaux-bridal-boho-chic

 pinterest-model-dress-bridesmaid-for-bridesmaid -mariage-rouge


Ideas of bridesmaid dresses in metallic and deco colors with sequins

 dress-for-maid of Honor-of-marriage-sun color beige


-chic dresses-maid of Honor-marriage- official-glitter

 maids of Honor-gray-sun dresses

 dress-demoise lle-honor-wedding-long-prints


 dress-sequins-wedding-outfit -demoiselle-honneur-chic

models of dresses for bridesmaid bi or tri-colors


 outfit-wedding-maid-girl honor dress-long-bohemian-chic


 marriage-bohemian-chic outfits-lady-honor

 maid-of-honneur- wedding-pinterest-dresses


* Outfits for bridesmaids in blue color


 bridesmaid dress mid-long-color-blue-dark

 dress-chic lady of Honor-wedding-color-dark

 dress-blue long-maid of Honor-ideas

 pinterest-the-most-beautiful-girl-dresses of Honor

Turquoise color for bridesmaid dress


 damsel-d- honor-wedding-dress-short-green-mint

Dresses for bridesmaids in yellow



Bridesmaids in black dresses

 most-popular-dresses-bridesmaid-d honor-for-marriage-color-dark



 dress bridesmaid black-long-bustier-ideas

 bridesmaid dress for-wedding-color-dark

bridesmaid dress to printed

 dress-bridesmaid -motif-floral-model

 dress-maid of honor-floral-pattern-long

 ladies-dress-ideas -d'honneur-wedding-theme-colors

 idea-dress-for-maid of Honor-pattern-yellow-attire-long

 maids of Honor-held dress-short-floral-pattern


 wedding-outfit-for- maid of Honor-dresses-ground-fl oral-deco

Bridesmaid dresses in various tones


 bridesmaid-wedding-dress-long-color-blue [19659129] pinterest-dresses-for-bridesmaid-of-wedding-rustic


 bridesmaid dress color-claire-wedding-ideas- been

 color-holding-maid of Honor-for-wedding-models

 color-to-short-dress-for-maids of Honor-de-marriage-

 color-dress-bridesmaid -theme-wedding-theme-autumn

Bridesmaid dress models in white

 bridesmaid dress white-long-models

 dress-short-bridesmaid-d honor-color-white

Girl’s bridesmaid dress ideas


 dress-for-damsel-d ' honor-girl-color-clear-long

 dress-lady-d'hon coach-girl-examples

 maid of Honor-wedding-girl-idee-held

 maid of Honor-girl-child dress

 maid of Honor -marriage granddaughter-idee-held-long dress

 maid of Honor granddaughter-idee-held-wedding

 little-girl -family-girl-holding-wedding


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