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The Art Deco interior design of the Italian studio Arta Moda

In the interior design Art Deco contemporary style, the Italian studio Arta Moda presents the luxury trend. We invite you to admire today its design of interiors for the living room, the children’s room and the dining room. The company also creates lighting, interior and bathroom accessories.

Also, she works on order of the customers for the realization of individual projects. The Art Deco style includes luxury materials and the use of rare woods. For the treatment of surfaces ivory inlays and mother-of-pearl are used. The wood coatings are lacquered and shiny. We can see the signature of the designers in the style of the furniture.

 interior design art deco living room Alta-Moda

Rare woods, ivory and mother-of-pearl finishes, floral motifs

 interior design art deco living room ivory color

The armchairs and chairs are typically made in the Art Deco tradition, with cut or rounded angles. The furniture is upholstered in leather or textile upholstery. Alta Moda works a lot on colors and does not only use monochrome tones, as we see in the children’s room where purple prevails.

In the living room, however, luxury materials are needed with silver and gold finishes. The furniture and walls are rich with geometric and floral motifs as the interior design Art Deco wants it. Alta Moda enriches this vision with dazzling materials, shapes and colors.

Art Deco interior design: furniture upholstered with luxury textiles

 Art Deco upholstered chairs Alta Moda

Room children with purple geometric motifs 

 interior art deco Alta Moda luxury furniture

Interior Design Art Deco: dining room

 dining room art deco design luxury

The rose – favorite floral pattern of Art Deco style

 interior design art deco living room

Golden and silver finishes

 interior art deco living room pink floral pattern

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