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Terrace Decoration Planning

L’the development of the terrace with a shade sail, the easy way and aesthetic protection from the sun, the wind and weather on the terrace, while creating a deco lounge atmosphere really elegant. Space Shade offers us his collection of superb shade screens to suit all your needs, as well as a software of 3D simulation to determine the size and optimal layout.

Versatile and timeless, the shade cloth is as functional as it is aesthetic : it protects you from the weather while ensuring a good ventilation, and gives you the impression of being on the terrace of a lounge bar chic and trendy. Get rid of your old barnums and your umbrellas, and adhere to the trend, shade sail to landscape terrace more comfortable to the’time when the sun makes its more beautiful smile ! Follow the guide.

Imagine this beautiful installation in your garden as soon as this weekend : the shade sail it is quick to install and really on trend !

Terrace Decoration Planning

A shade sail cheap that protects from the sun and the wind

small budgets will appreciate the possibilities of this shade cloth is as effective as it is versatile thanks to its three different colors and 11 sizes !

If this is what you are looking for, the web Southern 220 is made for you ! Available in three colour design, it is offered from?50.
Thanks to its manufacture in the fabric polyethylene perforated high density of 220g/m2, it filters 90% of UV rays to protect your family during the summer. It is also effective to withstand the strong winds.
Available in eleven sizes, it adapts to all configurations and to all the amenities of terrace. New : the range Southern 220 now includes new formats for shade sail triangle (4 x 4 x 5,66 m) and shade sail rectangular (3 x 4 m) for a look that’s decidedly contemporary.
Combine colours and formats for an installation price soft 100% personalized and that looks like you !

you will need a shade cloth that protects the terrace from rain

These two paintings shading in contrasting colours to protect against the sun and against the rain. The effect deco is stunning : use the tarps as decorative accessories to bring color to your garden.

Don’t look : this is the Acryl 300 that you need. Its weaving 100% acrylic, water-repellent assures the best protection against the rain, to keep your family and your garden furniture in the sec You have the peace of mind and you can leave the cushions on the garden furniture in place without having to worry about the rainfall, which points to his nose.
Available in 25 colours trend. Possibility of installing a furling as an option.

The shade sail remote-controlled, which obeys the finger and the eye !

The motorized system of this shade cloth makes your life easier : walk up and down the tent according to your wishes and those of your family !

The disadvantage of many of the shade of sails, it is that once they are set, you can’t move them. If you decide to take a sun bath on the terrace, this is not possible ! It is thus necessary to choose between shade and sun. Thanks to the new canvas-powered Space Shading, you open or close the tarp like an awning in a jiffy with your remote control. Weaving, water-repellent effectively protects against the sun and rain.

A shade sail for smartphones that adapts to the weather

The sensors of the shade sail automated protect your terrace according to the weather conditions : practice and without constraint, we love this system !

You think this is science-fiction ? Not at all : thanks to the new shade cloth on the automated Space Shading, you no longer need to worry about the protection of the terrace. It started to rain, it sale or it is a large and beautiful sun, she knows how to adapt. How does it work ? Simply using a wind meter or anemometer and a pv cell that can detect the weather conditions and deploy the tarp when you need it. Of course, you keep control at all times thanks to the remote control. A true system zero constraint to fully enjoy the moments in family or between friends, in all seasons !

Choose the fastening system of the canvas shade

In addition to controlled models, three installation systems can be implemented depending on your needs.

This mat adjustable allows you to change the orientation and the tension of your shade cloth regardless of where the sun. Easy to dismantle at the end of the season, it does not clutter the space, and lasts longer.

wall mounts that have a system in place of a carabiner to quickly install or dismantle the tent. The pulleys help you more or less tender your shade cloth

The wall fasteners for the shade sail offers a look that’s nautical with their strings of sailors and their pulleys in stainless steel. They also have the advantage of ease of assembly and disassembly according to your wishes. Do you offer the deco seaside you’ve ever wanted with these fasteners, a tarp customized with a text stitched, and a trim sail-boat !

The software of simulation 3D : install sail shade !

Protect the terrace or the edges of the pool with a shade cloth, it is easy, inexpensive and, above all, very classy !

To simplify your project DIY deco garden Space Shading provides you with a real innovation ! Enter the dimensions and the layout of your deck, then test the canvases of your choice (shape, size, colour, height and mounting system). The software conducts simulations of shade in the changing seasons and times of day to optimize the protection of the terrace and garden furniture. A simulation done directly on the site Shading.

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