Swimming lanes to please and stay in shape!

The swimming lanes are a type of pool in length which, in addition to being a space of relaxation and recreation, is also ideal for the passionate Of swimming. Indoor or outdoor, this swimming pool is characterized by its limited width, generally between two and five meters, and by a length more important than the other models of basins, ranging from 8 to 25 meters.

These are precisely those features that confer to the swim lanes the ability to provide you with a space to practice your favorite sport. In this publication, we are looking at twenty or so swimming pool models of this type to give you ideas on how to build a swim lane outside or inside your pool. house.

Swimming lanes to please and stay in shape!

 swimming lanes pool infinity pool swimming amenagement

Outdoor swimming lanes for indulging and keeping fit in the sun

 swimming lanes outdoor swimming pool modern pergola wood terrace

Swimming pool swimming pools offer us the opportunity opportunity to have fun outdoors while occupying very little space compared to traditional pools. This particularity of these models allows those who own a small garden to benefit from a swimming pool, without sacrificing all of their green space.

Corridors outdoor swimming, a compact and modern solution that will highlight the shapes of your home!

 outdoor swimming pool-garden long swiming pool decoration

Outdoor long pools are a nice alternative to traditional pools as they bring a lot of freshness and easily become the focal point of a modern garden. In fact, we often see small pleasant terraces that have been organized around a pool model of this kind.

Long pool with wooden deck and indoor lounge connected. © outside

 deco swimming lanes decking decking outdoor garden modern decking

Decks with wooden decking are a classic option for pools of any shape and size, including swimming-pool type swimming pool.

Swimming pool swimming pool with small terrace in tiles

 swimming-pools terrace outside landscaping water basin

Another great idea for the development of a swimming pool basin in length: complete it by a terrace with floor covering in neutral color tiles. Neutral colors will highlight the beautiful nuances of your swim lane!

Swimming pool type lounger with modern terrace

 Swimming pool in long swimming lane terrace stone facing

If you have a modern home with garden of size limited, consider the possibility of installing a swim lane accessible by a sliding window. You will gain space by decorating your living room as a terrace for the months of spring and summer!

Small swimming pool in length decorated with vegetable wall

Such a space organization will also allow you to enlarge your little pool a little, as it was done in the house on the picture. high.

Idea of ​​long and compact pool deck

 long pool landscaping exterior corridor small garden contemporary design

Otherwise, you can always invite your family and friends on an improvised and installed terrace e directly on the lawn, very close to the water!

Swimming Corridor with rough stone decoration and small terrace

 outdoor pools corridor for swimming fence garden stone

The swimming lanes do not are not just for the outside of May ultra modern sounds. Everyone can enjoy such a pool, matching its appearance with that of his home!

Choose the lighting for its long pool to enjoy its beauty in the evening

 Pool terrace outside swim lane model

Like classic swimming pools, swimming lanes need modern lighting to shine in the evening.

Small long pool with pergola and wooden deck 

To make the space around your pool even more enjoyable, think of the decorative details that can bring you more comfort during the day. the summer

Modern pergola and outdoor pool-type corridor

 pergola swimming pool long semi-open swimming pool outside

The pergola is a first important decorative element that will protect you from sun while you rest on your terrace after a nice swimming session.

Water fountains and open pond housed in an outdoor garden

 swimming pools swimming pools water fountain decoration exterieure

The water fountains are another: they will refresh you in summer and make your water basin a more fun area for adults and children!

Corridor of swimming in the open air for the summer

 landscaping a swimming pool hallway terrace garden exterior house

Swimming hallways covered to stay in shape all year

 swimming pool idea modern interior contemporary bay window

The indoor swim lanes are a dream for sports enthusiasts who would like to practice swimming all year round without worrying about the temperatures Outside.

Indoor pool type coulo long lounger in a glass lodge *

 example swimming pool lane small space models covered swimming pools

A long and covered pool of this type can be arranged like any other pool, on the ground floor – in the basement or in a basement, as well as in a house extension, in a veranda, an extension or even in a winter garden.

How to build an indoor swimming pool in a limited space

 swimming lanes small interior indoor swimming pool

The swimming pools in the corridor fit even the smallest indoor spaces! Thus, it is quite conceivable to build a pool without terrace or extra space on both sides to gain more space.

Modern indoor pool with bay window

 swimming pool interior lighting corridor swim light led strip

For a more enjoyable experience, many homeowners choose to supplement their indoor pool with a bay window facing outward.

Indoor pool with sliding glass door overlooking the exterior

 Modern pools bay window extending home hallway to swim covered
If you have an outdoor swim lane, you can connect your living room to your pool deck using a sliding glass door. But it is also possible to do the opposite: connect its terrace to its indoor pool using the same technique.

Covered wooden pool terrace


Covered pool in a wooden house extension

 indoor swimming halls indoor swimming pool wood home enlargement

If this solution is seductive, do not forget to create a terrace worthy of a beautiful pool with sun loungers, a shower, a garden furniture and lots of greenery!

Modern lighting for covered swim lane

 indoor swimming pool swimming pool deco minimalist deco

Finally, for Do not miss pool every day, consider the possibility of providing a semi-open swimming lane, that is to say a space located partly inside the house (for months fresh) and partly open (for the summer). Below, two examples of such corridors to inspire you!

Semi-open swim lane for fun all year round

 Long pisicnes modern small indoor pool area

Photo of long semi-covered pool and modern style house

 Modern swimming halls with long terrace pool