Stair rail and modern handrail for indoor use

Stairs have always been an essential part of interior layout. A contemporary staircase, with or without luxurious decoration, is quite capable of playing the role of a decorative accent of a home and contributing to its global ambience.

On its side, the appearance of the staircase is influenced and enriched by several elements, such as lighting, handrail and banister. The latter participates in the image of the entire staircase and its decoration, evolving as the staircase design evolves. Today, we present you a gallery dedicated to the banister of wood, iron, metal and glass as a decorative accessory of the interior space.

Stair rail and modern handrail for indoor use

 stair rail glass design interior contemporary

Moda Wooden interior stair railing

 banister stair railing deco wood entrance contemporary house

The wooden stair railing is a classic solution still found today in many homes in France and in Europe. Natural extension of the wooden steps, this part of the staircase has been manufactured, during many years, in the same material as these last.

Ramp d ‘. interior wooden staircase for decoration of contemporary house entrance

 idea interior staircase interior design design railing white wood

Independently of the style of decoration, ramps and railings in woods create a welcoming atmosphere in any interior space. Painted in bright hues, in natural wood tones or in a range of neutral colors, these staircase elements continue to adorn many contemporary homes.

Wooden railing with contemporary handrail Staircase style seaside *

 interior staircase banister entrance house seaside

Nowadays, some wooden stair railings are custom made to register at best in the deco horn of the whole piece. This is the case of the model in the photo above which has a lighthouse highlighting the seaside atmosphere of the home.

Railing for dark wood staircase with handrail in authentic materials

 decoration ramp of stairs handrail interior wood

Examples of railing of wrought iron and metal

 model stair railing wrought iron staircase design large format

After the wood , let’s look at the wrought iron railings. This is again a classic material used for the manufacture of stair railings for centuries.

Railing stair forged iron with wooden handrail

 example stair railing wrought iron staircase stairs contemporary stone

More robust than wood, iron can be fashioned in a thousand ways to complete the look of a staircase with ornaments in the form of flowers, geometric patterns, even even small animal figures.

Railing of iron staircase in contemporary style

 model railing of wrought iron wood railing

Contemporary wrought iron railings often include these same motifs that are presented in a simplified and stylized manner, matching the taste of our era.

Photo of design staircase with wrought iron banister and wooden handrail

 banister modern interior wood wrought iron

A contemporary wrought iron banister fits nicely with an iron or wood handrail. Above, an example of a contemporary wrought iron handrail with stylized motifs and a dark-toned handrail.

Stair railing and contemporary handrail ideas in metal

 handrail metal stairway idea modern stairway layout

Metal staircases and guardrails, on the other hand, are an option that has become very popular and very popular.

Image of metal railing in silver color for contemporary staircase

 deco railing staircase metal stairway in contemporary interior fitting

Offering advantages similar to those of wrought iron, the However, it is considered a more trendy material and, therefore, more suited to interior contemporary style.

Photo of staircase railing in white color with handrail in copper hues

 deco copper stairwell white interior decoration

Metallic paint, in particular, is one of the most fashionable colors at the moment.

Modern and trendy interior staircase rail with railing in metal

 modern copper staircase metal interior guard

A stair railing painted in copper, gold or silver tones would thus be a very chic decorative accent for a contemporary interior.

 wood railing wood staircase white paint staircase

Of course, a guardrail of this kind can also adopt a neutral color for s’ register at best in a minimalist stairwell, like the one above.

Staircase with a metal banister for a deco of small space

 small staircase colimacon apartment guard metal body

In addition, railings and ramps staircase in metal are compact and easily accompany the stairs in colimaçon.

Grand staircase in colimaçon with glass steps and metal railing

 idee banister staircase metal colimacon guardrail interieur design contemporary

Now, as we know, this type of staircase is very widespread at present because it saves space in contemporary homes of small area.

 staircase colimacon wrought iron small space handrail

Even the metal railings of vintage style agree good with modern interiors! On the above image, such an example of a spiral staircase that complements a modern industrial style space.

Image of a staircase with metal banister and wooden handrail

 interior staircase interior modern railing

Railing and glass railing for contemporary design staircase

 glass staircase handrail contemporary wood

Unlike wood and iron, glass is a material that has been introduced in the manufacture of staircase accessories much more recently.

Railing for minimalist glass staircase


Contemporary style red staircase with transparent glass railing

 red staircase railing glass handrail interior staircase design

Transparent, the glass stair rail ensures the safety of users of the staircase without encumbering the interior space and overloading its decoration.

Small contemporary staircase with guardrail of contemporary design

 interior staircase amenagement small contemporary space

In addition, this modern material associates itself very well with marches and with the hands courts of very varied staircase: stone, wood, metal …

Glass railing with modern lighting and wooden suspended staircase with handrail in metal

 railing for staircase metal glass stairs guard body lighting

At the end of c Here are two interesting examples of contemporary interior staircases that lack railings proper but which are characterized by their very original rope handrails. A very nice idea for interior with marine style decoration!

Original rope handrail for a marine atmosphere house entry

 handmade marine style stair decoration current rope

Handrail for interior rope staircase for an even more impressive marine style decoration

 decoration staircase railing rope deco style seaside