Splendid solid wood furniture: between crafts and art

Today we will celebrate the beauty of contemporary solid wood furniture . In particular, it will be about creations at the border between crafts and art. Made of oak, ash or cherry wood, they bear witness to different wood treatments. Soft and round lines at angles of rigorous geometry, finishes smooth to those in brushed patina, it is especially the imagination of the artist that counts. Our collection of choices focuses on the minimalist design of unique objects that we find in renowned craftsmen.

We were mainly interested in furniture like tables, chairs, cupboards and drawers to underline the workmanship of these extraordinary creations. The Irish designer John Lee is one of these craftsmen-sculptors of wooden furniture. He is a true virtuoso of the profession who is inspired by nature, landscapes and natural forces to shape his objects. Its furniture has curved lines and the veining of natural wood never painted is particularly highlighted. We have also added photos of solid wood furniture from different designers that we invite you to discover below. Admiring their splendor.

 Salcombe dining table John Lee

Solid wood furniture with sculptural forms

 Tornado John Lee dining table

Ash table by John Lee

 John Lee coffee table

Engraved patterns

 john table furniture lee 2012 detail

Wardrobe made of oak wood

 Wardrobe made of John Lee

Table made of solid ash by John Lee

 furniture made of solid wood table john lee 2018

John Lee Drawer Cabinet, Wave Model

 John Lee Wave Drawer Cabinet

John Lee Drawer Cabinet Front View

 Tom Raffield Wood Furniture

Tom Raffield

 Tom Raffield Wooden Furniture

Tom Raffield Retro Chair

 ] furniture wood chair Tom Raffield

Composition with unique design rockingchair by Tom Raffield

 furniture wood artistic design Tom Raffield

 Coffee table minimalist design

 solid wood contemporary furniture

 solid wood walnut minimalist design

 solid wood furniture minimalist coffee table

 Solid wood furniture table stool

 Minimalist wooden design desk

 Davide Gallo artistic chairs  minimalist solid wood design

 solid wood furniture living room table

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