Small minimalist design apartment by Fertility Design

The Taiwan design studio Fertility Design gives us plenty of ideas on how to build a small minimalist design apartment creating a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. Here we present you some photos of bedroom interiors, living room and dining room that present the coherence of the design of the interior space at this designer. In each of these rooms one remains with the feeling of connected and warm spaces at the same time.

 minimalist design apartment living room

Minimalist design with neutral colors and open spaces

 minimalist design apartment living room kitchen

Each room is decorated in shades neutrals with wood accents that alone give an alternative color to that of the white background with the keys of gray. The wooden panels are used to hide the storage space which gives a well organized and structured look to this minimalist design apartment.

Although the flooring is often plywood, the atmosphere is warm and cozy. Each space is open to the adjacent one, there are no bounded boundaries between rooms, which creates a feeling of volume. Storage spaces like cabinets and shelves are often with mirror doors, which brings a lot of light and also induces the illusion of space. With these colors and neutral tones, the bedroom inspires calm and serenity.

Minimalist design apartment with wood coverings

 Minimalist design apartment Living room soft colors

Minimalist design office space

 office space

The bedroom with accent wood

 bedroom minimalist design

Sliding doors to gain space

 bedroom minimalist design storage space

Neutral colors and shelves open

 minimalist bedroom neutral colors

small and cozy bedroom

 minimalist white child bedroom gray

child bedroom with plywood coated wood

 minimalist child bedroom wood covering

Modern designer kitchen with spaces storage

 kitchen minimalist design storage spaces

Kitchen and living room communicate

 cu isine minimalist design small apartment

Each room is open on adjacent space

 minimalist kitchen open spaces

Small apartment with balcony and bathroom

 small apartment balcony bathroom

Sliding doors coating mirror for more light

 small apartment spaces storage doors mirror

Everywhere a touch of gray and light wood

 small apartment bathroom kitchen

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