Skylights in the living room for a beautiful and modern interior

Architects know the strength of skylights when it comes to enjoying the sun and having a little more light at home. Placed in the right place, these roof windows bring the beauty of the outdoors inside by the light that passes through.

If you have a beautiful yard with vines or beautiful green plants, you could contemplate them through these roof windows and bay windows that can accompany it. Elements of natural design facilitate the mixing between the inside and the outside.

 modern roof living room skylights

The dormers will bring the natural light inside your living room

 skylight living room design interiuer

The designer Artenid who created one of the houses you will see on one of our photos wanted to optimize the use of natural light. So he made this wall of windows that extends all along the living room and a grid of skylights on the ceiling. White marble is used to bounce light into the interior.

Another house made by architect George Nijland shows us how skylights can be a source natural light with long spaces where there is no room for windows.

This living room is very modern design with blue light

 blue living room design

Another architect John Maniscalo has designed a modern home where natural light is used to the fullest. With the retracting wall in windows and a wide open skylight this living room seems to be in the woods.

In a top floor apartment with four bedrooms, the skylight ceilings extend throughout and transform it into an open space. Thus the rooms are flooded with natural light.

This is how an ordinary roof becomes a modern roof

 windows roof living room design

Beautiful interior design with roof windows

 dormers design living room interior

Design and modern deco for the living room

 skylights living room interior design

A purple theme in this modern living room

 skylights living room pink design

A roof made of windows for more natural light

 skylights living modern design

Beautiful roof of living room with a large skylight

 skylights roof design living room

The roof windows ensure the brightness of your house

 skylights roof salon interior

Beautiful veranda with skylight

 skylight modern veranda interiuer

 living room skylights design

 modern living room interior design

 modern skylights roof house

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