Skate a piece of furniture

Skate a piece of furniture

Skate a piece of furniture, a good way to revamp and give it character.

To achieve a patina on a piece of furniture, nothing more easy that this is an old piece of furniture, new or kitchen.

L’effect patina requires some small preparations for the same result. Then chair, chest of drawers, table, wardrobe, kitchen furniture, learn how to skate a piece of furniture with the new range of patina Libéron.

Skate a piece of furniture

To skate a piece of furniture distressed effect

Skate a piece of furniture

The patina and reverses the look of the furniture of wood ! Libéron

This patina new-look distressed look brings a patina of brown-black to the furniture and objects in wood to reproduce the effects of time on the field picking up l’aspect of the raw material to better divert it and give the furniture a look of hyper deco and trend. Retail of choice : this patina is washable, very significant when’it is applied on a piece of furniture requested, such as’a coffee table or a chest of drawers.

Skate a piece of furniture effect oxidized

Skate a piece of furniture

The wooden frame d’a seat upgraded with the new patina effect oxidized

This is how to skate a piece of wooden furniture by giving it a nice rust reminiscent of the metal having stayed in a humid atmosphere. A contemporary finish to skate a piece of furniture and the dress in a trend in l’air of the time. Like its big sister, this patina should be to repaint furniture, doors, windows, and more generally the media and objects in wood. She is also washable.

The paint Casein-based furniture or other materials, offers a matte appearance and velvety exceptional. It is the reference of the relookeurs of furniture, the favorite of the connoisseurs. Formulated using casein, a natural binder made from the milk, this painting of high quality and soft and has a very high covering power, it is pleasant, easy to apply and washable. It s’used alone or serves as the basis for l’application d’a patina effect. This special paint is suitable for furniture, objects and woodwork and all surfaces prepared with the sub-layer is adapted.

How to skate a piece of furniture 4 steps ?

Skate a piece of furniture

If you need to skate a piece of furniture with doors, drawers, remove them to facilitate the work and allow you to work flat on sawhorses or a table when l’application of the patina.

  1. Start with clean and sand the piece of furniture to repaint. Well dust it off and finish with the damp cloth.
  2. After complete drying, apply a sub-layer adapted to the wood holder.
  3. After the drying time is advised, ask a paint layer at base of Caséïne l’aide d’a flat brush.
  4. then Apply the patina to the effect of your choice with a roller or brush.

The furniture reassembled, to change the door handles and knobs of drawers will bring the final touch to your furniture nicely layouted. Poignées metal, copper takes patina metal effect and reinforce the industrial style. If you have waxed your furniture with a finish milled, the handles or knobs in the glass it will give even more d’elegance.

Skate-in kitchen furniture

Skate a piece of furniture

Two other products in the range, specially designed for skate-in kitchen furniture, that s’apply to wood furniture, formica, and adapted to facilitate the patina d’a piece of moulding such as l’is often our rustic cuisine that it’s hard to separate, which creates a nice aged look which l’aspect varies depending on the colours chosen. Begin by applying the Base-Effect Kitchen to the Brush Wash and then Effect Patina Kitchen that provides d’a protection against stains and makes the furniture leacher.

A video to learn how to use the patina on kitchen furniture :

Skate a piece of furniture

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