Scandinavian cuisine in all its splendor

The Scandinavian kitchen is known for its unique style combining tradition and modernity. It presents characteristic elements that one recognizes by far.

We like the accent on the white, preferred color for the walls but also for the painted wooden furniture. Textiles also play an important role. These are colorful, hand-woven, hand-woven napkins that add a lot of personality to Scandinavian cuisine. Very important too, the dominance of wooden upholstery and materials, sometimes even on the walls and ceiling. These are often rather light-colored woods with a rustic, raw-style finish that creates a natural ambience.

In the contemporary style kitchen, there is also the coupling between wood and metal, cohabiting in harmony, one enhancing the design of the other. The Scandinavian kitchen design has purified lines, a warm and cozy atmosphere. The color key in the deco is another feature that spans the frame all the while in white. Lighting is another mark of Scandinavian design to remember.

As we will see in the photos, the Scandinavian kitchen is often illuminated by ceiling lamps very design, as for example at Marbodal. We have selected for you 20 designs of Scandinavian cuisines of all styles – from rustic to modern. And it’s a real pleasure to watch them.

Scandinavian cuisine in all its splendor

 Scandinavian style wood design kitchen

White Painted Wood and Natural Materials

 Scandinavian Style Kitchen White Wood Walls

Stripes – Pattern Appreciated in Scandinavian Kitchen

Natural color wood floor to ceiling

 Rustic Scandinavian style kitchen

Bright white and orange color touch

 Scandinavian design white wood kitchen

Warm colors and floral pattern on the walls

 Scandinavian cozy cozy kitchen

Furniture made of clear oak

 Scandinavian kitchen purified lines

Small green plants are very much appreciated

 Scandinavian kitchen touch color

Pink touch and woven carpet

 Scandinavian kitchen touch pink

Vintage style kitchen, blue sky color

 Scandinavian style vintage kitchen

The coupling metal and wood

 st kitchen yle Scandinavian metal accent

Contemporary style

 Scandinavian contemporary kitchen

Wood and steel

 Scandinavian style kitchen Central island

 Scandinavian style kitchen Blue walls

 Kitchen design chalereuse bois

 small kitchen scandinavian style

 textiles scandinavian style

 rug swedish kitchen

 furniture scandinavian wood

 scandinavian style kitchen black rough wooden floor

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