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Rustic design dining room table in 42 original ideas

Rustic style (also known as country style or chic country style) seduces nature lovers and furniture made of organic materials. Inspired by life outside urban centers, this decoration is not only reserved for country houses.

It is also a good solution for interior design in the city. It will charm especially those who would like to make their home a haven of peace in the heart of a large agglomeration. If all this seems interesting and you would like to try this style of decoration, we suggest you start with your dining room.

Rustic design dining room table in 42 original ideas

 Rustic design dining room table light wood bench

Deco idea with rustic dining room table by Scandola Mobili

 rustic dining room table

Friendly space par excellence, the The dining room is perfectly suited to a country look thanks to a very special piece of furniture: the rustic dining room table. With the images that follow, we explore contemporary and modern models of furniture of this kind and wonder how to use them to enhance a country decor.

The dining room table rustic design is an authentic piece of furniture with a long history

 dining room table rustic design dining area

The rustic dining room table is almost inevitably made of wood. Whether contemporary or modern, it is necessarily made of high quality materials, such as oak, cherry and pine wood, for example. The wood is, in fact, the material that characterizes the chic country style decorations and it is used for decorations and furniture of all kinds in the dining room of this style: chairs, buffets, consoles, storage.

The rustic dining room table dictates the choice of furniture in the rest of the room

 idee deco rustic dining room wood furniture

The same rules also apply to dining areas arranged in a kitchen or in an open living room in chic country style.

Dining table model in rustic design in contemporary style

 table dining room rustic style decoration

The contemporary country tables are characterized by their massive and raw appearance. Those of modern style are, on the contrary, generally lighter and finer.

Modern interior decoration with country table in rough wood

 deco table style country chic room a to eat

The first ones charm us with their aspect usità ©. They make us think of the homes of yesteryear where meals were traditionally taken together, by all the members of the family, allowing the different generations to weave links between them day after day.  dining table of white interior design

The seconds have other advantages: they are more compact and easier to install inside. modern style, especially if the latter lacks sufficient surface.

Elegant dining room campaign with rustic wooden and metal table

 rustic design dining room furniture

Those who love the decoration with metal accents will discover that they are tempted by the country tables since many models of furniture of this type are adorned with elements in metal, usually wrought iron.

Rustic dining table for outdoor dining: raw wood feet and concrete surface for more resistance

 wood table country decoration idea

The rough stone surfaces are also ready on some tables of this type, even though they are not widely spread.

Modern dining room organized around a rustic wooden country table


Idea of ​​rustic design dining room layout with table and wood furniture

 wooden rustic dining table

Therefore, this piece of furniture usually has an imposing size that could hit those who are accustomed to more compact interior layout solutions.

The round table of rustic style is a good solution for small spaces

 wooden table design idea dining room

More often rectangular than round, this wooden table fulfilled several functions in homes of the past: it was used for meals but also as a work plan for their preparation and even as an office for homework and for the activities of children during the cool days.

Country Decorations kitchen and dining area around a large rustic wooden table

 idee decoration country chic solid wood furniture

Not to mention also that it was to allow all members of the family to sit comfortably around it!

Wooden table rough and classy country style benches for convivial meals

 rustic style wooden dining room table

This explains the importance of the furniture and its crucial role within the interior space laughing. It is also what motivates the considerable size of the table of this style.

Model of dining room decoration of rustic inspiration around a large wooden table

 table dining room design rustic rough wood

If you have doubts about the size of this furniture, remember that the country houses of the past were not necessarily much larger than the interests urban laughters today. Simply, the organization of the space was different which also stimulated another type of communication within the family.

The decoration with a rustic dining room table has positive effects on communication

 modern rustic dining table

Which also means that introducing such a piece of furniture into your home will perhaps allow you to invite some of this peaceful atmosphere of the French countryside of old.

Imposing rustic wooden table and contemporary dining room decoration

 rustic wooden furniture table deco

If you have inherited a table of this type, you have to luck: you can recover this piece of furniture and install it as it is in your dining room (or, by refreshing it with a little lacquer, if necessary).

 rustic table wood modern decoration

Elsewhere, you can acquire a new table: most of the furniture made today are made according to the model of rustic tables of the past. © Â and they are therefore perfectly adapted to the interior design of a country style interior.

Wooden design armchairs and the idea of ​​space organization in a dining room country house

 dining room country table

Because it occupies a central space, the rustic dining room table also deserves to be accompanied by chairs worthy of its august air.

 country style deco wooden table

As can be seen from the many images in this collection, in most cases, these chairs are manufactured are made of wood of the same type than that of the table. The two types of furniture are sometimes sold together.

Beautiful country style decoration of dining room with cushions and straw boots

 idee tables dining rustic decoration

For more comfort, remember to accompany the wooden seats by soft cushions.

Idea of ​​modern armchairs for dining room decency with table chic country

 table dining room rustic design modern deco

In In modern style interiors, one can also bet on chairs and armchairs that better match today’s deco styles. They are upholstered chairs with a fabric upholstery or with an organic material, such as leather.

Original decoration of dining room with rustic table and chairs varied

 table deco solid wood country dining

As the country dining room is synonymous with large family gatherings, a wooden table of this style is also accompanied by different chairs, as if one lacked a sufficient number of seats for all guests.

Kitchen interior with rustic dining area and blue country chairs

 rustic rustic dining tables

The effect of ‘such a decoration is very nice and it will allow you to introduce unexpected touches of color or new materials into the room.

Rustic design dining room furniture: table and benches in raw wood

 dining room table home design deco chic country design

In the same vein, the rustic design dining room table is also matched with one or two wooden benches.

Creative dining table country design dining table with chairs modern

 country style deco wooden table

The country decor is creative and welcoming. It does not exclude the introduction of furniture of other styles, provided that they are comfortable and that their addition fits nicely into the room.

Idea of ​​rustic wood table inspired by the Scandinavian design *

 dining room table design country wood

So, for example, in this picture we have combined chairs in light and modern metal with a light wooden table and its design bench purified. Beautiful dining room decor where rustic furniture blends with Scandinavian style touches!

Contemporary dining room decor in light tones


How to decorate a dining space with table design rustic

 deco kitchen wood table rustic

The atmosphere of the latter is, necessarily, determined by the colors and the materials that combine best with the colors of wood.

Kitchen open to dining room in country style and light wood furniture

 furniture modern dining room deco kitchen wood

Inside a rustic dining room is generated Usually painted in a neutral and clear color. This solution creates interesting contrast effects when the table is made in a dark shade and invariably creates a feeling of harmony and peace where the table is light in color.

Wooden country house decoration and dining room table rustic design

 rustic style dining room table deco

As in the rustic kitchen, wood and stone are materials that conditonent the look of the interior of this style. If you have such shelves in your dining room, think of ways to enhance them, by renovating them or by installing appropriate lighting.

Modern Dining Room Decor and light with table in black and wood

 idea table rustic furniture wood

In this photo, a modern interior inspired by the country houses whose decorators managed to emphasize the presence of the table using black colored keys on the furniture legs and on the chairs around.

Photo of country style dining room and hanging lamp with candles

 rustic tables deco room eat rustic design

Hanging lights are among the most used fixtures in contemporary and modern dining rooms. They naturally find their place in a country-style space.

Modern dining room in chic country design and solid wood table decorated with suspensions

 rustic dining room solid wood furniture design table

Installed s over the dining table chic country design dining table, these fixtures help us accentuate the presence of this piece of furniture. They are almost a statement that everything in the room revolves around this piece of furniture. Even the lighting is organized in a way to emphasize its beautiful surface!

Idea decoration of dining room design country table with hanging glass fixture

 country table idee decoration room to eat

In this picture, we see an excellent example of decoration with rustic table and glass hanging fixture. Because, yes, the color and the materials of the luminaries also have their importance to reinforce the presence of the table of dining room.

How to decorate a table dining room rustic design to put it in relief

 dining room table rustic design deco solid wood

As for decorating your rustic dining room table itself, let yourself be guided by the look of the furniture: adorn it with textiles good quality and, if possible, from natural production.

Suggestions of fabrics and decorative objects for wooden table in rustic style

 idea rustic deco dining room wood furniture

Privilà Linen, tablecloths and table runners in linen and cotton. Best of all, stick to the same suggestion when it comes to choosing decorative objects for your furniture.

Centerpiece and floral arrangement for rustic dining room deco

 rustic dining room table countryside chic

Try to complete this decoration with floral compositions: those of season are always to privilege in a rustic interior since they should make think of flowers of countryside which have just On the table.

Modern interior dining room design with solid wood table and puréed benches

 Rustic wood dining room furniture

And, well of course, adapt all these ideas and proposals to your personal style and to the image of your dream dining room!

Photo of eclectic kitchen with dining area and rustic light wood table


Beautiful country house with kitchen in white and wood and rustic dining table

 rustic table decoration kitchen dining room