Roomy little room in 55 original ideas

In this article we focus on the decreed small room which often raises important challenges.

Lots of personal belongings in a limited space? We obviously need creative and functional optimization solutions! We will make you discover more than 55 proposals for decorating small contemporary rooms. Our goal is to prove that even tiny rooms can be laid out so that you feel comfortable with them.

Decorative small room in black and white

The light colors dominate in a large part of the selected rooms. This is not a fortuitous choice: the clear scheme visually enlarges the pieces, brings depth and gives the impression of spaciousness. Mirrors also create a sensation of width. Do not hesitate to put in your little room. Another recurring tip in the photos below is the choice in bed size and location. Instead of buying a large bed that occupies half of the room, opt for a more modest furniture. You will be able to install functional furniture (head of bed, cupboards of storage and cabinets of drawers for example). Before we let you through our gallery of inspiring ideas, we just want to remember an undeniable asset of the small room, namely the ease of making it warm.

 deco small bedroom bed idea carpet

Small room with wooden beams

 ] attic rooms small room

Who said a small room can not be functional and airy? Nowadays, living in a 10m2 room is no longer amazing. Knowing that putting it squarely in major European cities is becoming more and more expensive and space limited – there is a great need for practical optimization solutions. We install double function furniture, we play with colors and brightness, we put only the necessary. Many contemporary designers have done the impossible: enlarge a small space and make it feel bigger than it really is. Even if you are not a professional space designer, you just need to know some basic tips to get it yourself.

Decorate bedroom deco modern

One of the golden rules when it comes to small space planning is to use every nook and cranny of the room. Create a storage space under the bed, for example. Turn your headboard into an office or library. The small room is modest. It may be possible to install a headboard with storage space to enhance the bed. The latter is the focal point of any bedroom. It is around the bed that one can conceive everything else.

 decoc small room ideal modern space

For some the small room poses problems of organization. For others, its layout represents a real challenge. Indeed, with enough creativity and a good sense for functionality, you can come up with amazing results. To tell the truth, it does not matter if it is a large or a small room, its layout is a question of intelligent design. With small spaces, we simply have less choice.

Deco small room of green plants

 deco small room bed head of light fixture

It is known that the installation of a mirror in a small space enlarges it visually. The location of the bed is also very important. Placing it in the middle of the room is discouraged. Give him a place where he will not take up too much space. Installing a mattress on the floor without a bed frame is also a frequent choice. Another option is the loft bed. Place the bed on the ceiling and you will free up a lot of space. Below the mezzanine bed, you can place a desk or sofa.

A small room allows you to develop your creativity. It is true that it is a real challenge, but as soon as you have achieved its development, you will be very happy. It is essential to feel comfortable in this room at rest. It is one of the most important pieces of any living space.

 deco small room contemporary style

Romantic decoration of small white room

 deco small room interior layout

Pink wallpaper with floral motifs in small bedroom

 wallpaper small bedroom idea dece

Small bedroom photo and deco idea

 tiny white cozy classic bedroom

Paint color of small room


Development of attic and small white room

 deco small room exposed beams wood

Should we dare a strong color for the small room? Why not ! It is often said that it is better to avoid dark shades, but in small doses it is playable. In recent times oil blue has become very trendy in the design of modern bedrooms.

Elegant small bedroom deco

 Elegant deco bedroom

Below, we see a small room with all the nooks optimized. The chosen color for walls and furniture is white. The bed was placed in a recess of the wall. It was nestled between the storage cabinets.

Vintage small room decoration

 deco small white red room accents

For a small feminine room, instead of the white classic, go for a sweet and sweet pink. You can also choose light blue, green, yellow or orange.

Wallpaper and decorated small rooms

 decent small bedroom pendant light

The small attic room, below, looks small and cocoon. The bed was nestled in front of the window. The decoration is almost absent. Instead of a headboard, the locals have decided to place a small storage cabinet. Everything is indeed concentrated around the bed. We love the vintage desk / table with its 50s look.

Small attic room

 Small landscaping triangular roof room

Elevating height: another ruler gold for small space design. Suspended furniture solutions to optimize.

Functional furniture in small contemporary bedroom

 Small bedroom furnishings parquet floor

Bedroom decoration

 appartementement amà © nagement small white room

Wardrobe with mirror-door in bedroom

 wardrobe mirror bed small room

Bedroom contemporary deco in purple

 bedroom decó mauve amà © nagement

Warm bedroom with soft tones

 bedroom furniture deco wood

Brown curtains in small bedroom

 bedroom furniture practical small

Old style decoration in a bedroom

 Modern white room in a small apartment

Bedroom decoration with orange / brown accents ron

 cozy room decor brown orange

Design pendant lights in small bedroom

 wooden chest small bedroom furniture

Patchwork type bed cover

 © co black bedroom mirror cabinet

Modern bedroom in white and blue-green

 decoration blue white bedroom

Pretty contemporary bedroom

 decoration small bedroom furnishing

Interior design of original bedroom

 decoration small contemporary bedroom apartment

Fine decoration idea for a small bedroom

 dà © coration small room girl pink

Creative decoration small room

 white decor furniture small room

Decorate with table ideal small room

 dà © co rich small contemporary room

Zen decoration and minimalist

 design simple small room wall ocher

 idea room small white layout

 idea deceive bedroom furniture

 idea dà © co small bedroom furniture white wood

 idea decoration bedroom romantic apartment

 canopy bed bedroom deco

 white furniture parquet decre room

 purple walls deco bedroom furniture [19659089] wooden floor deco small room ideas

 small bedroom modern furniture

 small room ado decoration white black

 small room chic ideal decoration

 small contemporary room black rug decorated

 small cozy white design bedroom

 small attic bedroom furniture set

 small red rose white penthouse room decorated

 small deco bedroom designed floor rug small bed amenagement

 decoc small room idà © e picture frame lamp

 small apartment ideal room cheap bed living room small room practical layout

 deco small bedroom bed light design

 deco bedroom purple girl hanging lamp design plush picture frame

 layout small bedroom teenager

 decent modern layout small space teenager room deco

 bedroom girl deco purple violet layout small apartment ideal

 furnished bedroom cheap blue

 ado bedroom decorated teen bed wooden wardrobe

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