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Teen Rooms – Ideas for a Modern Interior


If you are planning the interior for the teenager room, you should first consult with the teenager. The first thing to decide is the color scheme. The ‘child’ is no longer a child, it wants to look like an adult.

His taste changes, and his room should change accordingly – toys and motifs on the walls are undesirable. Instead, painting walls in one color is better – gray or green gives the room a fresher look. If the teenager has a cheerful personality, then it fits yellow or bright green, symbolizing his free soul and curiosity.

Interior design ideas for teenager room

Teen Rooms - Ideas for a Modern Interior

The bed should be big, the wardrobe definitely needs a mirror – even if you furnish a teenager room for boys. White and green-blue is the perfect color combination for the cabinets. Desk and enough room for the computer are a must. Make sure that this space is specially lit, and that the desk is ergonomic and comfortable. When you set up a room for boys, you can select selected patterns associated with sports.

Modern teenage room

Teen Rooms - Ideas for a Modern Interior

You should pay extra attention to the flooring – bright parquet is the best alternative. Geometric shapes for the pendant lamps are modern and curtains on the windows protect the privacy of your child. Movable drawers and a TV cabinet are always desired by the teenagers. Furnishing in a teenager’s room should be comfortable and convenient, and in neutral colors – you can leave the decoration to the child. It will change constantly, changing the taste of your child, so the interior should be kept as simple as possible. Many cabinets and drawers will provide the necessary storage space. So choose the basics for the room and create a pleasant ambience for your child.

Simple room with a modern style

Teen Rooms - Ideas for a Modern Interior

The properly furnished youth room should provide enough space to relax and learn. That is why the bed, the other seating and the desk are the most important elements in this room. In addition, the teenagers need enough space for their creative development. Accordingly, it is recommended to leave the walls plain and plain, so that your child can create a unique wall design.

Teenager Room – Dark wood furniture with turquoise accents

Teen Rooms - Ideas for a Modern Interior

When choosing the furniture for the youth room, you can set both bright and dark shades. If you choose dark wood furniture, you will get the feeling that a young adult lives in the room. Therefore, this variant is more suitable for young people from 16 years. With some color accents, however, relax the atmosphere and give the room an atmospheric touch.

Multifunctional furniture for teenagers

Teen Rooms - Ideas for a Modern Interior

The large bedroom for teenagers offers a variety of possible interior design ideas, as it has enough space. However, most teenager rooms are relatively small and one should deal with the problem of setting up a small space-saving space. Here are multifunctional furniture to help. Space-saving furniture systems are available for the smallest room, combining all important furniture in a practical design. You can see an example in the picture. Here, the room is designed on two levels to make the most of the small living space.

Teen Rooms - Ideas for a Modern Interior


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