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Room partition – a magical power that inspires us

If you want to transform your apartment into a more intimate and cozy space, the partition room suitable can do an ideal job. The photos below represent a wide variety of solutions for dividing a room. Thus you will find partitions made of wood, metal and fabric, but also more unusual materials such as rope or plants. Browse our selection for more inspiration!

 ultra modern design bedroom partition

Opt for a bedroom partition for more privacy

 bedroom wall deco bedroom adult

If you have neither the time nor the desire to return the head to mount a wall, then the bedroom partition is the perfect option for you. It turns the apartment into a very cozy place and at the same time adds originality. This is a small budget way that will help you to optimize your home as you wish.

The partition can be of very different designs

 Partition room glass idea

The glass chamber partition gives the space to your room. It is ideal to separate one end of your house while keeping the brightness of your space.

There is a rich choice in terms of materials for the partitions

 room partition imitation bricks

Imagine unusual solutions when planning your apartment

 partition room elegant curtain

A partition curtain is a very nice and cheap concept to separate one space from another. In addition, you can easily choose the color you need.

Separate your living space in the form of a white curtain

 Transparent white curtain bedroom partition

Artistic bedroom partition decoration

 white wall bedroom wall partition

This very original bedroom wall is not only used to separate the interior space, but also for the decor. If you own a wall of this type you can hang the decoration you want.

The bedroom partition can be the strangest forms

 contemporary living room white room partition design

Partition semi-transparent sliding door

 white sliding glass room partition

An idea of ​​a child’s room partition

 pink white child's room partition

Magazine holder original in white, red and black

 wall partition room metal original design

Partition ornamented made of fine metal

 partition room metal end decoration

Partition wooden corridor

 Partition room corridor wooden staircase

 Partition bedroom modern stone glass

 Partition bedroom transparent glass living room

 Partition bush original green living room

 sliding partition bedroom living room contemporary home

 partition living room elegant wood ornaments

 white living room bedroom partition living room

 partition plant original idea apartment

 plant partition white furniture

 living room partition wall sofa table

 hanging partition dining room kitchen

 seamless partition glass contemporary house

 partitioning glass room bathroom

 partitioning old door kitchen room

 hanging rope partition room creative idea

 contemporary white kitchen partition wall living room

 original design partition wall hanging metal

 curtain bright partition wall bedroom funky

 curtain end wall partition dark room

 creative solution wall partition bedroom green wood

 bedroom industrial design partition wall

 hanging wall partition modern room

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