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Revamp your interior : a few finds

What are the new products malignant, and a few finds that can dress up easily your home ?

It’s been years since your kitchen has the same allure or that your stairs need d’a blow of nine ? And if you stop sanding, scraping or preparing a support for redo bathroom, kitchen and other parts ? Here are our tips for to do a makeover of your interior.

Modernise furniture

Revamp your interior : a few finds

Dare to leave the dark colors for the kitchen. They will become modern and stylish. © Ikea


In the kitchen the furniture is out of fashion very quickly. Wood, formica, they need a good shot of young. If you do not want to change completely your kitchen, be smart and go to a shelf diy to see which is better.

  • paint : kitchen furniture it is very easy to apply the paint to totally change their appearance. For you not to create a work of disproportionate, choose a painting without stripping, wash-resistant and monolayer. Among the highlights :
    • Rénov’Kitchen® in Syntilor : existing in 13 different shades with a yield of 12 m2/lt/coat. From 39,90 ?
    • Renovated Resin in Colors of yesteryear : it has the advantage of hang on all the materials, furniture or wood. Her color chart is very extensive. Very sturdy and without under-layer, it offers a yield of 10 m2/lt/coat. 37 ? 0.5 lt
    • Ripolin Paint Spirit of Recycling Kitchen and bath Satin Objects in wood, melamine, laminate : from 27,90 ? 0,75 lt
  • freshen up the furniture : add a new plan of work in marble, metal or melamine. In fact, it is possible to find plans of work from 50 ? approximately. On the other hand, absolutely avoid the stainless steel, because the slightest drop of water mark. Another tip to modernize your kitchen furniture without any change : change the handles. In any radius diy, find handles totally modern, stylish or color. L’made it will be spectacular and will be enough to give a whole new look to your furniture.
  • Change only the fronts of the doors : if we don’love most in your kitchen, no need to change everything. D’elsewhere, from d’dozens d’euros, you can perfectly change only the fronts of your furniture. A tip that will totally change of style without breaking the bank.

Rejuvenate floor tiles

bathroom, splashback kitchen, your tile do you like more. Rather than break everything use of the tips very simple to completely change the original look :

  • With paint : some paints make a flawless appearance on the floor and have a very beautiful effect covering. Among these flagship products : Rénov’Kitchen® in Syntilor : available in 13 different colours. Count 1lt for 12m2 and layer by layer. From 39,90 ?
  • Place a credence table directly on the tile: if your tile around the sink and the countertop is too old, upgrade it. Bet on a credence table in aluminium or adhesive plates tiling with Smart Tiles. They arise very easily, can be cut to the desired size with a utility knife. From 7,99 ? the plate 26’X26 cm.

Other style credence table, place a bet on a credenza in slate. You can register your list of races, recipes from the kitchen lights. It would make a real note of authenticity and will cover perfectly your tile.

Revamp your interior : a few finds

tiles very graphics bring dynamism and modernity.

Seen on www.thesmarttiles.com

Turn the stairs :

The steps of your wooden stairs are worn and completely seasoned ? Of course, it is possible to the sanding and varnishing of new wood. This may be the opportunity to give it a totally different look in the painting, customizing, and more.

  • paint : upgrade your interior by painting the steps of your staircase. With a paint suitable as paint Renovation multi media Syntilor, repaint your staircase in black, gray or brown cappuccino. From 40.90 ? 0.75 l. If you choose a black, enhance the effect by adding spots of light under the steps.
  • giving it a effect modern : the staircase offers against market and it can easily transform. If the carpet is a great classic to dress up the stairs, it is possible to make other transformations to make your staircase trend. Wallpapering, Stickers, paint, counter-marches of a different color, let your imagination run wild.

    Revamp your interior : a few finds

    Use the counter market to bring a touch of decoration to your staircase. © www.etsy.com

  • By changing the guardrail or the handrail : You can easily change the look of your staircase by changing its guard or handrail. No budget ? Then use just a paint to paint each of the bars. D’other hand, it is possible to opt for kits of steel cables that install very easily. Are you passionate about navigation ? Install rope style boat.

Revamp your interior : a few finds

photo Credit: Leroy Sealin – handrail OBAPI


top soil

If your floor is deteriorated, antiquated, or if it does you like, it is easy to change everything for cheap !

  • linoleum : very easy to install, very easy to maintain, linoleum is a solution that is both efficient and modern, and to change its ground. For the kitchen the choice is vast ranging from the old arbor, in imitation of stone or much more modern appearance of steel.

from 10.90 ?/m2

Revamp your interior : a few finds

Protect and modernize one floor at a time, c’is possible with linoleum. © Leroy Merlin


For a bedroom or a living room, the aesthetic will, of course, the linoleum imitation wood. Well as for the salon, you can choose a template for imitation tiling, or the old stone to give a rustic appearance to the piece. In the bathroom, dare all styles including the linoleum in imitation of the mosaic. The rendering will be that much more sumptuous. If you opt for the latter, create a harmony with a faucet in a porcelain or copper. In any case, the trend 2017 it is precisely these tiles, way tiles.

Finally, if none of the coating to the soil has not found grace in your eyes, you can always try the resin. Epoxy resin or polyurethane, it will give a super lustrous one for your room. Adapted to the safe passage, the resin-floor epoxy costs between 35 and 150 ? and can be suitable for underfloor heating. Unlike the polyurethane, which costs between 150 and 300 ? and which might be cracked with this type of heating.

Revamp your interior : a few finds

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