Repaint furniture with a beautiful color to paint

Repaint furniture with a beautiful color to paint

Need to repaint a chest of drawers, chairs, a buffet, a piece of furniture without character or old-fashioned ? Their color spoils the decor of the room as touches of color pip’s would give him a youthful look ? That’s ideas nice for painting your furniture with paintings that are easy to apply and colours super friendly to all styles of decoration.

Repaint a piece of furniture, shelves with several colors

Repaint furniture with a beautiful color to paint

Use multiple colors to repaint a piece of furniture shelves it gives the pip’s lounge

Photo : V33
A piece of furniture, shelves style, Ikea, Conforama, c’is functional for storing books and knick-knacks, but it looks white n’is very jojo, especially placed on a wall clear ! To make it attractive, and that’it is necessary to paint a piece of wooden furniture in its entirety, a lick of paint part may be the’case. For example, paint the bottom of the bins of the furniture in different colors in alternating bright shades and colors that recall the room you are going to makeover your furniture in a spectacular way !

Repaint furniture with a beautiful color to paint

Give character to wood shelves, mixing paint shades

Photo : Astral
A small piece of furniture full of boxes c’is well worth it to expose its collections of vases or d’objects of all kinds. For the showcase, good idea c’is to paint the alcoves with a color available in several colors and repaint a couple of boxes of furniture with a color contrast.

Repaint a cabinet with a gray paint and red

Repaint furniture with a beautiful color to paint

Give style to an old cabinet by painting the’inside’a bright color

Photo : Tollens
An old case comes to spoil the decor of your room ? Give it a new style in painting it two colors ! To value what is stored at l’inside, a painting darker, which contrasts with the paint on the’outside furniture is of the best effect. According to the deco of the room, replace the door windows with wire mesh will be the little more to finish makeover l’wardrobe.

paint purple to makeover a chest of drawers, room taupe

Repaint furniture with a beautiful color to paint

painting purple and parma on the chest of drawers in wood raw it wakes you up colors d’une chambre taupe !

Photo : Syntilor
In your room mole you have a chest of drawers devoid of character or in raw wood, repaint it to bring color in addition a good way to dress up piece of furniture and room. As in this example dare two shades of purple. Paint color Black Purple and Twilight, range Effect Soft Syntilor.

A paint to renovate the buffet in the living room

Repaint furniture with a beautiful color to paint

More fun in the living room the old buffet painted with colors full of gaiety ! Photo : Dulux Valentine

You just re-paint the living and dining room with cheerful colours and bright, only now, the old buffet plays the spoilsport with its colors dull ! A nice solution for that’it benefits him also d’an operation makeover ravigotante, paint it with beautiful bright and pastel colors that s’harmonize with those of the walls ! Paint color Chamalow, blood orange and green frisso, in the range of Cream Color Dulux Valentine.

A deserted wood repainted to shine in the kitchen

Repaint furniture with a beautiful color to paint

The old sideboard wood takes color with paint ! Photo Astral

A deserted c’is always useful in the kitchen or the living room, so rather than throw the old one gives him a lick of paint. And paint it with two colors c’is even more nice ! Painting : Range STAIN colours made in the machine dispenser Colours green : H2.40.80’s Purple : V2.08.71 Astral.

We repainted the patterns of color on a dresser

Repaint furniture with a beautiful color to paint
Photo : 1825
Repainting a piece of furniture, c’is good, but for those who want to go even further and customize it with paint this is an example of a transformation succeeded. Start by painting the entire dresser with an acrylic matte finish velvet in light green, for example, as here. Once the two coats of paint dry, to l’aide d’adhesive painting we realize the patterns of color on the drawer fronts, and our super-convenient can join the room, l’input.

A paint color pip’s to repaint a chair

Repaint furniture with a beautiful color to paint

The old chair repainted in yellow it gives the pip’s the deco d’a room grey ! Paint Farrow & Ball

Photo : Farrow & Ball
we are often asked in the comments how to awaken the decor of your living room with a touch of color. Well here is a way smart to do it ! You take an old chair, a little sanding and a good shot of yellow paint, and l’ambiance of your living room will be transformed ! Painting : color Yellowcake No.279, available in matte, satin and lacquer of Farrow & Ball.

Repaint furniture with a beautiful color to paint

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