Redoing her kitchen cheap : The ultimate easy ideas

Redoing her kitchen cheap : The ultimate easy ideas

to Redo her kitchen, not expensive and without any break up is quite possible. Redo the work plan of the kitchen, the tiled splashback with paint that tile, or with a tile adhesive, paint its kitchen furniture or also raise a special adhesive for door of kitchen cabinet, the ideas and tips to do a makeover of her kitchen the old-fashioned or renovate his kitchen rustic effectively do not lack !

Redoing her kitchen with an adhesive for kitchen furniture

Redoing her kitchen cheap : The ultimate easy ideas
To change the look of your decoration kitchen easily the first idea that c’s’care of l’allure furniture : The doors of your kitchen furniture have taken a hit of old-trend, color n’is not at the top or the style is rustic, but its structure is still in good condition ?
A solution that is easy and not expensive for a revamp : l’adhesive tape for furniture kitchen Like a Color !
To get l’adhesive that will stick perfectly to the dimensions of your doors and drawers to kitchen, there are two possibilities : You have a kitchen furniture Ikea, stickers ready-to-pose exists for several references of Ikea kitchen, if you simply take the exact measurements and the adhesive are cut to your measurements. These stickers come in over 60 colors in matte finish and gloss and 5 in metal finishing in Like a Color
Redoing her kitchen cheap : The ultimate easy ideas
To choose the color or colors of the l’adhesive can be placed on the facades of your furniture, the site provides you with a color chart interactive. You click on a color in the color picker and you see it in situation.
L’adhesive roll, another solution makeover for the furniture

Redoing her kitchen cheap : The ultimate easy ideas

Transform the look of the furniture in the kitchen with l’adhesive colour c’is quick, convenient and cheap ! Photo Castorama

Another solution to makeover kitchen furniture, l’decal sold in a roll. Available in a beautiful range of colours in satin or high gloss that can s’combine like in this kitchen for a modern look and toned. You can wash the’adhesive without a problem without altering its quality. Example of price for a roll of 2m long : Adhesive black : 9.99 ? 14.99 ? for the green and fuchsia, in Castorama.

Redoing her kitchen by changing the facades of furniture

Redoing her kitchen cheap : The ultimate easy ideas
The casing of the furniture in your kitchen are nickel ? Just change the facades of doors and drawers, and here is the kitchen brand new ! You know, the boxes of furniture are in standard dimensions, so it is very easy to remove the old doors and replace them with facades, finishes and colors in modern s’adapt perfectly to the existing mounting points on the furniture. Plus, you have d’a wide choice of colours. Example of prices : door cabinet 30 cm wide laminate postformé on particleboard lacquered finish ready to ask : 15 ? at Ré and

Repaint his kitchen furniture with paint without sanding

Redoing her kitchen cheap : The ultimate easy ideas
Photo : Résinence
Repaint his kitchen furniture is the solution to makeover and cost-effective paint brands we facilitate the task by providing us with a range of paint furniture without sanding, which effectively resists the stresses day-to-day and regular maintenance.
Redoing her kitchen cheap : The ultimate easy ideas

You can enjoy repainting the furniture of the kitchen to do the same thing on the tiling of the splashback, as in this kitchen where furniture and tiled wall have been repainted black with V33, and to give a modern look, the joints are redone in white pen attached.

What paint to choose to paint the kitchen furniture without sanding :

  • GripActiv of V33 offers a color chart of 10 colors, s’also applied to wall tile),
  • Renovation kitchen also in 10 colours V33.

Rénov’Kitchen Syntilor swatches 12 colors, s’also applied to wall tile and work plan)

Redoing her kitchen cheap : The ultimate easy ideas

kitchen Furniture and credence repainted with Résinence Color. Photo Résinence

another solution is to repaint the furniture of the kitchen and splashback tiling : The colored resin, which s’applies also on the work plan and the soil. Its finish is ultra-shiny transformed a kitchen old-fashioned or old-fashioned in a modern kitchen, d’as much as the color chart allows all the combinations of colors.

Revamp the work plan for the kitchen

Revamp a plan of work to the old kitchen into a work plan deco and trendy can be done without spending big bucks ! We can repaint, revamp with polished concrete, or the cover d’a material such as zinc, very trendy for a kitchen vintage.

Redo a work plan with polished concrete :

Redoing her kitchen cheap : The ultimate easy ideas
Photo: Mercadier
concrete on a plan of work s’applies to all media, including the work plan and tile. The polished concrete decorative, such as the one proposed by requires more layers since the passage of the primary d’hooking up’to the varnish food protection. Take a short week of work but sure look and resistance will be at the rendez-vous !

Paint to repaint a work plan with tile

Redoing her kitchen cheap : The ultimate easy ideas
To paint a work plan with tile it is essential to choose a paint tile that is suitable for horizontal surfaces but also to surfaces of food such as the Paint for Multi-Surfaces Rénov’Kitchen® Syntylor, application in 2 layers and 12 colors, , or the special resin surface food Résinence ©, which also requires 2 layers, 4 Color available for the work plan.

zinc for a makeover express the plan of work

Redoing her kitchen cheap : The ultimate easy ideas  For a makeover kitchen in a vintage spirit, zinc is the ideal material to renovate an old plan of work. The zinc is present in a sheet 2M long by 1 m wide in a thickness of 65mm. Price d’a plate : 49.90 ? at Leroy Merlin. The zinc plate is cut out to l’aide d’a claw. After l’have to lay it on the’old plan of work, it is necessary to weld the angles to l’tin and then d’flatten the weld with a hammer.

Paint the wall tiles and the splashback of the kitchen

Redoing her kitchen cheap : The ultimate easy ideas
painting tile floors is a first solution to do a makeover of wall tiles and splashback of the kitchen. “Painting Caropeint of chez Julien is an acrylic paint without a sub-layer that s’applies in 2 coats on ceramic, stoneware, earthenware, porcelain, glass… and is available in 9 colors. V33 offers a paint kitchen warranty anti-grease spot, and Renovation of the Earthenware of the range Renovation made the highest that s’applies also on splashback tiles and smooth substrates( former splashback in stainless steel, for example). To know how to do, don’t miss our DIY for repainting the tiles of the splashback of the kitchen.

The Tile adhesive or decorative panel to redo the credence table

Redoing her kitchen cheap : The ultimate easy ideas
Photo : Metal Decor
Solution as quick as decorative to change or install a splashback in the kitchen the tile adhesive sticks easily on any smooth support on your old tiles, old credence, paint or laminate. Aluminum, stainless steel, brushed or smooth and are available in several colors these credenzas adhesive are resistant to heat and are in the form of tiles of 30X30 cm and 15X30 cm for Metal-Decor, or Smart Tiles. You also have the solution of tile adhesives pre-cut to the dimensions of the tiling of the splashback available in many colors that’you just have to paste on the old tiles, after degreasing d’use. A solution makeover express the credence-table cuisine for few euros in Castorama.
Redoing her kitchen cheap : The ultimate easy ideas
Photo : Berry Alloc
The decorative panel for splashback for kitchen in Kitchen Wall is also an express solution and not expensive to redo her kitchen. Available in 20 patterns and 9 colors it arises ultra easily. Low thickness (2mm) it is easy to place at the top of low furniture and does not require a new installation of movable high already in place. On a base of compact laminate, it resists as much heat that’projections, d’water inevitable in a kitchen. Kitchen Wall is distributed by Berry Alloc .

Redoing her kitchen cheap : The ultimate easy ideas

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