Razor Ripsurf skateboard inspired by the surfboard

Razor, the creators of the popular Crazy Cart drift racing, developed the skateboard Ripsurf – a board that allows to “surf” in the city . The style and function of the board were inspired by the design and elements of the real surfboards in order to create the feeling of surfing on hard surfaces in the city.

This skateboard uses the RipStik Air technology that allows the user to accelerate and slow down without having to remove his or her foot. board. By moving the body in the same way as on a surfboard, the skateboard continues to roll until you want to stop. So, if you are interested, you can buy it here.

Razor Ripsurf skateboard inspired by the surfboard

 modern skateboard design

Modern Skate Board

 skateboard skateboard design

Skateboard Skateboard


 Skate board design

Skate board in black and white
 Skate board interesting design
Skate board of modern design
 board of skate wheels
Skateboard of ergonomic design
 skateboard skateboard wheels design

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