Raw Wood Furniture by Tora Brasil – Extraordinary Furniture

Do you think you’ve seen everything about wood furniture? We will prove to you in this article that there is furniture really different from everything you know.

These rough wooden furniture are breathtaking but what even more remarkable facts is the fact that they are made by materials from forests in Brazil administered by Tora Brasil. The company Tora Bresil specializes in the use of materials rejected by the usual movable industries and creates beautiful and extraordinary pieces with.

 wood furniture terrace and garden living room ideas

Wooden furniture by Tora Brasil – very original raw wooden bench

 outdoor wooden furniture marques

These furniture really show the strength of nature. We have never seen wooden furniture like this before and it leaves us speechless. And since the furniture is made from rough wood they are also suitable for outdoor use. But at the same time these pieces of furniture are quite elegant for a modern interior and design.

Bench and table made of rough wood of extraordinary design

 furniture in wood interior decoration modern style

The furniture of Tora Brasil are beautiful and respectful of the environment

 wooden furniture low tables deco interior design

large raw wood table for the garden or for the dining room

 wooden furniture idea modern dining table

furniture idea of raw wood

 furniture in raw wood bench

Furniture in wood design: modern bench

 sofa furniture in wood

furniture design idea for terrace deco

 furniture wood rough design

tan for interior or exterior wood design

 furniture wood raw large garden table

Furniture wooden unusual design and shape

 furniture modern raw wood

Large interesting table and rustic

 furniture raw wood table

The furniture is made of natural materials

raw wood furniture and nature

 original rough wood furniture

Small wooden coffee table for a modern garden

 furniture wood sound coffee table

Original rough wood chair and nature

 furniture wood design chair

 furniture wood noise table design

 furniture raw wood table garden

 furniture raw wood wide table

 table interesting solid wood

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