Pots of flowers in old shoes – 20 creative ideas

What do the old shoes and the flower pots have in common ? Read and you will love our original ideas for your garden and even for your home.

Finding a new job and reusing old things is not new. But using his old shoes as flower pots is surely something that few people know. It’s a creative solution if you have a small garden and not much space and especially if you want to save money. In addition you may have been feeling sick of throwing a nice but worn pair of shoes that you like so much. Now you do not need to do this anymore because we’ve found 20 beautiful examples of how to reuse these old shoes. And it is an eco initiative!

 beautiful pot of flowers

Here is a beautiful creative idea how to reuse his old shoes in flower pots

Do not want to throw away your baby’s old shoes? Use them in plant pot!

 Original flower pot

The red shoes become beautiful original flower pots

 recylces plants

Creative plant pots for the garden

 flower pots boots

Tired of the old sneakers? Recycle them as well

 plants shoe shoes

Inside or in the garden, these pots are a beautiful decoration

 plants pot flowers shoes

Experiment with different plants

 plants pot interesting

One can never guess that these shoes are not real pots

 flower pot child shoe

The old white shoe transformed

 flower pot shoe woman

The old shoes are part of your interior

 flower pots brown shoe

 flower pots shoe row

 flower pots shoe

 flower pot creative shoe

 flower pot shoe garden

 pot of plants plant girl

 pot of plants creative

 pot of plants creative garden

 pot plants idea

 pot plants interesting

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