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Planning your garden – start-up instructions

There are many types of gardens and parks. Depending on their layout and use the gardens can be public or private. The private gardens are of use and limited access to the one to whom the land belongs.

What will interest us today? ™ is to see the garden grounds in the city. Here are some useful tips on how to develop your garden.

There are some functional areas that we need to know if we want to build a garden or a park:

– Construction zone With or without a garden
– Relaxation area decorative garden or an outdoor area.

Planning your garden – start-up instructions

 planning your outdoor garden modern design

Conserving one’s garden – modern garden with green plants

 decorating one's garden exterior decoration ideas

The layout of all areas mainly depends on the construction area. Important factors for the layout of the built-up area are the slope of the land, the services of equipment and communication and the urban environment – noise, dust, etc. It will be necessary to avoid having the construction in the middle of the ground not to cut its entirety. Specialists advise building north or northeast of the land to have more free space for the garden since the plants will grow better in the south side of the garden.

Garden decoration with green plants and lawn

 garden lawn green plants

The vegetation of a private garden contributes to the global ecosystem of your local environment. It is so that nature can be present in the city. The vegetation is of course a very beautiful element for your garden but it has several functions that have an important role for our well-being.

You must choose your plants according to your tastes but they must also be chosen according to the particular conditions of the ground and the climate. It’s you who decide the layout and decoration of your garden afterwards. If you decide to use the services of a landscape gardener, he will propose you dendrologist projects in different styles – a geometric style, landscape style, combination between the two.

The decorative vegetation offers an unlimited choice of different colored plants that bloom at a different time of year which guarantees a beautiful garden throughout the year. The landscape gardener can also use other elements of nature for the decoration of your garden – for example a decorative fountain or waterfall. Stones and pebbles are also an interesting element for the decoration of the garden.

Garden landscaping design with wood


The purpose of the decoration is to create a tranquil atmosphere and relaxing.

Original garden with exotic plants

 planning your tropical garden tropical plants

Do we need a project to develop a garden?

The answer is yes. As for building a house, a project of landscaping a garden is always desirable. The project must be in correspondence with the laws for green spaces and the specific needs of the land:

1. The type of land and the possibilities of modeling embankments, dikes, slopes , terraces etc.

2. The Construction of Retaining Walls, Steps and Stairs.

3. The Allways Network Steps must be taken and plans of construction must be made according to these measurements.

Interesting garden with lots of flowers and green plants

 deceived modern garden

4. Type of alley

5. The system of water supply of the vegetated areas – must be in correspondence with the standards and the type of supply must be well chosen.

The pipeline

7. Drainage is used to improve the conditions of the ground if there is too much water under the earth

8. The dendrology part a project for the arrangement of plants and different types of vegetation

9 . plant implantation project is needed

10. Preparation of green areas – strengthening of land inclinations, preservation of existing vegetation, preparation of land etc.

Flowering garden with wooden bridge

 planning his garden - garden deco

After the project of landscaping the garden, it follows the maintenance without which the other steps lose their effectiveness. Quality maintenance guarantees the beauty of your garden.

The maintenance of trees and shrubs begins immediately after their establishment. It requires aero-technical skills for root system restoration – watering, soil cultivation and fertilization, re-heating, cutting, insect protection, etc.

Rustic wooden garden furniture

 garden furniture

The maintenance of roses – tillage, feeding, watering, carving, preparation for winter and preparation for the summer. The care of other flowers and lawns also requires tillage, weeding, watering, replanting and plant separation, pruning, etc. Lawn care is very important for the beautiful garden. It includes pruning, watering, aerating, rolling land and other mechanical work.

Waterfall in a contemporary garden

 waterfall garden water

The care that would have to be taken to develop one’s garden must be according to the needs of the different kinds of plants. The water supply system is perhaps the most important condition for vegetation in your garden. Specialists advise to build a watering system that takes into account the quantities of water required by the different kinds of plants. For the preservation of plants fertilizers of all kinds are needed. In winter the plants need special care against frost and frost.

The best solution for your garden is to leave its maintenance in the hands of garden specialists since they know exactly the needs of all kinds of plants. And this guarantees you a beautiful garden throughout the year.

Idea for landscaping its modern style garden with fireplace

 beautiful-garden-with- chimney

How to build your garden with wood and plants of zen style

 plan your garden deco

Plan your garden modern

 planning your garden tips

Wooden garden fence: ideal for landscaping your outdoor garden and terrace

 plan your contemporary garden

Green plants and lawn to decorate your outdoor garden in an original way

 develop your garden design

Fine tulips of different colors

 Plan your garden - tulips

Garden furniture design and modern

 Plan your garden - garden furniture

Beautiful garden with a decorative flower train

 Plan your garden - deceive garden

Modern green garden

 planning your own garden

Original garden with a small decorative lake and bridge

 planning your own garden

Garden with decoration of Asian inspiration

 deco oriental garden

Small garden with a pond of water deco

 arrange its garden - garden conteporain

Beautiful garden with water and flowers in front of a house

 garden landscaping - decentral garden

 decoration rustic garden

 flowers garden maintenance

  garden maintenance jan

 garden decoration furnitures

 garden flowers green plants

 garden interesting design

 jar modern din flowers

 modern garden exotic plants

 modern garden city

 original garden converted

 original garden design

 original garden plants
 roses flowers garden maintenance

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