The pallets are the decoration of the garden

The pallets are the decoration of the garden

Trend, the deco bottle with paddles a cardboard box in the garden ! Planter vertical, chair or mini fencing, furniture, pallets are re-inventing themselves to fit out and decorate the garden, the terrace and the balcony. The’lookout for DIY, Deco-Cool was found on Pinterest 11 ideas deco where the pallets of wood are the queens of l’landscaping the garden !

The deco palette is his show in the garden

The palette is the new darling for the manufacture of garden furniture ! Bar, kitchen d’outside, couch, and table basse palette are a real tobacco in the garden. Has this clever way of reviewing the design of its furniture, add to the list the bed head palette s’is quickly imposed itself as the original idea and inexpensive to customize its decoration of the room. We have already presented how to make a garden palette also, as much as one wants, l’use of this media is limitless in the garden.
Painted, or left at l’raw state, with plants or assemblies in order to become a garden chair, a door plant, a small barrier, the vanes change shape and d’utility according to your desires. Not expensive, lightweight and sturdy, they are the ideal material to build the terrace and garden. Then n’hesitate any longer and get your decoration outdoor with these 11 ideas useful and decorative with pallet wood !

Shelf for garden plants in wooden pallets

The pallets are the decoration of the garden

A shelf palette painted in gray a tendency to put value in her pot plants and bring color to the’outside.

Used a palette to make a green wall, it was necessary to think ! Redesigned with a lick of paint, the palette is as a piece of furniture d’outdoor decor ! Raised to the vertical, and returned the next hollow, pallet wood proves to be a perfect setting to showcase her plants in pots. Choose plants and pots of colour that will have the effect d’brighten up the shelf, but also everything outside. A tip really not expensive at base of pallet wood to realize it yourself to give the stamp to the terrace, the garden, the patio or even the balcony !

Deco palette gross for a garden

The pallets are the decoration of the garden

small balconies also have the right to their little corner of greenery with this planter vertical creating as a wall plant, l’outside without make up.

Use the pallets to make a wall of plants on your balcony! This development ingenious is realized as a planter palette since’it is enough to close the horizontal ports of the palette, fill in each level of potting soil to plant your greenery. In this case, the palette has small gaps that allow green plants to push up’outside creating a real wall of plants and natural. Little cumbersome, a pallet turned into planter will find its place on the small balconies to bring an air of nature outside.

The pallets are the decoration of the garden

Natural and fresh, this palette turned into planter vertical is proving to be an asset charm unparalleled on the terrace or the balcony !

A fresh breeze blowing on the patio with this planter pallet wood. Leaving large openings between each slat, the palette is the ideal material to construct a vertical garden incorporating a variety of flowers and plants. To do this, simply d’remove two ties to get three tanks, fill them with potting soil and plant the plants that you want. You can also screw pots using hose clamps in stainless steel to give more relief to the planter and choose a palette with light wood for a beautiful vertical garden, full of freshness and charm !

wood pallet for a cache-pot d’outside not expensive

The pallets are the decoration of the garden

wood pallets recycled to create a stylish and on-trend cache-pot d’outside, great for decorating at a lower cost for the garden !

To the dustbin cover plastic pots in the garden, pallets wood offer an alternative deco-economic and in vogue to shape the outside ! Forming here a square, wood pallet also has the ability to adapt to all your needs in terms of shape and dimensions. Rectangle or diamond, wide or narrow, high or low, you create a cache-pot on the measurement and not expensive thanks to the idea of the recycling of pallet wood where you just simply cut and screw strips of wood to each other. And if you want to use the palette to make a pot full, pay attention to the moisture, which is often rotting the wood ! Instead, use the pallets as a cache-pot, and you will certainly feel in the garden !

A table deco palette on which to hang your plants in pots

The pallets are the decoration of the garden

Put your little pots of flowers in hanging on the front d’a pallet wood trend.

Make a table plant to put on your terrace in two times three movements with a wooden paddle ! Requiring little time and diy, left in its original appearance, the support pallet gross takes relief thanks to multiple small pots of flowers that are l’dress. Hung on the outer surface with the aid of hose clamps, stainless steel screwed directly into the wood, a hint of deco to reproduce at home for making a splash on the outside !

pallets for planters elegant

The pallets are the decoration of the garden

An assembly of pallets in the sleek and battery in the trend decor to easily create a planter chic.

Give a second life to your old wooden pallets ! Completely broken, these pallets once reinvented have absolutely nothing to do with their state of origin. Painted white, their basic structures are fully engineered to give birth to a single installation. Boxes of different sizes arranged in a staggered pattern on the base of the palette are created through a simple assembly of wooden slats. Once these flower boxes wood screwed to the palette, you then get a installation deco-perfect for the terrace or the garden.

The pallets are the decoration of the garden

A holder planter pallets while height and air to create your outdoor d’a way class and not expensive at all !

Air, the support pallets with flower boxes integrated is a good idea to create yourself a hanging garden on the terrace. Of different sizes and arranged in a way spaced, planter boxes, wooden pallet containing green plants to bring in touches of greenery on the terrace. Completely redesigned, the pallets form a nice wall plant little voracious in place that is perfectly adapted to small outdoor spaces.

Comfort and originality with the chair-garden palettes

The pallets are the decoration of the garden

design your own garden easily and without emptying your wallet by creating your hands a chair d’outside, pallets, comfortable and at the top of the trend deco !

This is a nice chair for the garden with pallets stacked like a Lego! Retaining the aesthetic of the original palettes, this garden chair has a simple structure and easy to redo yourself. Four pallets nest together, one inside the other to form the structure of the chair. 2 pallets serve as armrests, a is used for the seat and finally the last built folder. A composition sum simple, with plants on all sides, emphasizes the nature side and spring from this garden furniture trend, while a few cushions of colors bring charm and comfort. Here’s a practical idea on the cheap to make yourself some furniture for the garden relaxing and the staff ! Source : Pinterest

A mini fence, palette painted to brighten up the garden

The pallets are the decoration of the garden

Bring the modernity and the pep in your terrace with a pallet transformed into a small fence painted in bright red.

pallets wood n’not need much to do a makeover and become an object deco d’outside full. Decorative, this small barrier palette proves it by coming to illuminate the entire exterior. Painted in bright red, the palette brings a modern twist and punch to the terrace. Hardly buried, this fence features a beautiful planter and two lanterns that give it charm and usefulness.

A palette for storing swimming pool accessories

The pallets are the decoration of the garden

Practical and aesthetically pleasing, the wooden pallet is a storage of the original to the accessories of the pool.

Organize your garden with a single palette ! The summer is here and with it the days swimming and the headache of storage accessories, all of which l’accompany. Practical and compact, the pallet wood can also be used as storage. In fact, the slats of the palette allow you to drag objects such as water guns for children, l’landing net, which are often tricky to store. An idea d’design with a palette cleverly devised to keep his tower pool organized !

The pallets are the decoration of the garden

garden tools have finally found the ideal place to store with this wooden pallet simple and useful.

Finished the nightmare garden tools that clutter up the’outside ! As around the swimming pool, the palette is proving to be a great place to store tools of any kind. Rakes, shovels, spades, all the garden tools are easy to find their place in the hollow of the palette. Without touching the structure of this storage original knows how to be discreet once leaned on a wall, put in a shelter of garden or even stored in a garage.

The pallets are the decoration of the garden

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