Paint furniture with varnish built-Makeover V33

To repaint a piece of furniture and revamp how nice, c’is often the choice of paint that we turlupine.

So here is a painting for furniture that combines the qualities of d’an acrylic paint and d’a varnish which will allow you to paint a piece of wooden furniture, waxed or varnished, with colors, and super friendly.

And if you are told that this paint saves you the time of sanding and scraping before beginning to paint, and avoids the varnish to protect your wood furniture, then you n’did that’a desire, and that is to get out the brushes !

Paint a piece of furniture with paint, Varnish Makeover V33

On a chest of drawers in wood, paint in white Poplin and decorate the dresser of rounds of paint with pastel colors to brighten up the room d’a child. Paint Varnish Makeover V33

Here is a paint furniture that will please you ! It will allow you to paint furniture the most simply of the world. C’is a painting that combines l’opacity effect, d’a paint for furniture, acrylic, classic, and l’hyper shock resistance and l’interview d’a varnish for furniture. D’where are name, Varnishes Relooling ® ! Then, you need to paint a piece of wooden furniture, waxed, varnished, already painted, or a piece of furniture of style Ikea, Conforama, out-dated or a bit ugly, which is surely a piece of furniture, laminate, MDF or pine, with this painting V33 you are going to painting directly on the piece of furniture without having to sand it or strip it, or to get a coat of varnish. You will say, and you’ll be right, the paint for furniture wood no sand exists already, but the 2 big advantages of this painting on a piece of furniture that will make even the beginning of the Deco-Cool, c’is its guarantee d’have a piece of furniture painted and really well-protected by a varnish that is built and really nice colors that make up her swatches ! Consider this :

give free rein to your creativity, an extraordinary painting of the cabinet of 28 pastel colors, pop, and basic. Photo : V33

from this swatches very rich you’ll be able to do weddings of colors of the most wise to the most original on your piece of furniture. You have 10 pastel colors, for example : Lemongrass, Marshmallow, and almond-green… 7 Pop colors such as Green, disco, Turquoise, Mint Diabolo… and 10 paints color Basic’s, example : Gray Pebble, Taupe, Linen, Grey Zinc… And now, let’s see how to paint a piece of furniture, easily to morph into a piece of furniture that is modern, young and colorful.

Before you paint a piece of furniture, step 1 : preparation

Even if the painting to furniture does it all for you, a little preparation is necessary before you begin to paint your furniture and these preparations depend on the type of wood that makes up the furniture :

  • For a wood furniture varnish, wash down with a product-based soda, the Detergent St Marc, c’is perfect. Rinse and wait for the complete drying of the piece of furniture. Fluff up then with sandpaper fine-grained (240gr) and dust off carefully.
  • For a piece of furniture in polished wood : Décirez, égrénez and dust.
  • For a piece of furniture in wood veneer, laminate or melamine, the same preparation as for a piece of furniture in polished wood.
  • For a piece of furniture in raw wood or MDF, even if it is new, sanding with a very light sandpaper of fine grain (240)

How to apply paint, Varnish Makeover on the piece of furniture

Want to paint a piece of furniture with stripes of paint to give it a youthful look, Dare the stripes of flashy colors

Whether you decide to paint your cabinet d’a single color or you want to create patterns, stripes, circles, diamonds, etc…and after removing handles and knobs and removed the drawers to paint them separately,

  1. The first step is to apply a first coat, brush for small surfaces (rods, frames, feet) and roller means of a varnishing brush for large flat surfaces.
  2. For a piece of furniture painted d’a single color : After drying for 4 hours, apply a second coat and wait 12 hours to put your furniture in position, and l’use.
  3. To create patterns on the furniture with the paint : After the same drying time, build up your grounds by demarcating areas with tape to paint on the furniture, and then apply the second coat of paint in each of the areas to be colored. It remains that’to wait 12 hours fateful to a complete drying of the paint.

Tip to paint furniture like a pro : Do not over load a paint roller or brush and do not over shoot the paint for the tender. Never go over an area already painted during the drying period.

And here is your piece of furniture is repainted all beautiful and brand new ! For l’action of the varnish added to the paint protects your furniture from knocks and stains, avoid the request for a twenty day.

To remove stains, even the ones that felt on the painted furniture, there is nothing more simple thanks to the protective varnish included in the painting Varnish Makeover V33

To maintain the piece of furniture, l’action of the protective varnish allows you to clean it as often as necessary, with a sponge soaked in a mild detergent and l’wipe with soft cloth without any problem. When the painted furniture, dresser, buffet, cabinet, or desk is in a room d’child, room, or a kitchen you have to admit that c’is very handy !

decorating Ideas to use Nail Makeover® on a piece of furniture or the panelling

Give character to a piece of furniture from ordinary to creating patterns blue, black, and white at the 2nd layer of paint. Photo V33

are You tired of l’allure banal of your furniture, Ikea, or other, to easily create geometric patterns of colors on the facade of the furniture by drawing your patterns with tape to paint. Put in black and white contrast, add a third color bright or pastel and your furniture will be your pride.

wood bed headboard with storage compartment spray-painted with Varnish Makeover colour Felt Grey, drawers on the side linen color. Photo V33

In a room with walls taupe, the head of the bed with built-in storage wall is painted with Varnish Makeover® Grey Felt and to give an impression of depth to the frame, the drawers on the side are painted linen color, a color halfway between gray and taupe.

Nail Makeover V33 it also works to paint the paneling, varnish or plain

In the same way that you use this paint to paint a piece of furniture, its technical characteristics allow you to paint with the same guarantees of resistance as are old panelling, varnished, paneling, raw or any other woodwork for example photo frames. The preparation of the support is the same as for a piece of furniture.

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