Outdoor rugs for a modern and friendly decor

One of the latest decorative trends is the concept of creating an interior space outdoors. So we go beyond the traditional decoration of terraces and balconies to an outdoor “living room” which includes a sofa, armchairs, a coffee table, light fixtures and of course a outdoor carpets .

The outdoor carpet is a very easy and simple way to improve the appearance of the patio , balcony or patio giving it colors and texture. It can be easily changed according to the different occasions and it can last several years if you take care of it.

A carpet of outside of colors and different designs.

Synthetic fiber is the material most often used for the manufacture of outdoor carpets as it offers better resistance to mildew. Natural fiber on the other hand tends to absorb moisture and even if the natural fiber mat can be used outdoors in a covered area, it is still not ideal for spaces completely discovered for warm climates.

Outdoor rugs for a modern and friendly decor

 modern deco carpet decanter

 elegant design rug terrace

 outdoor carpet beige brown

 outdoor carpet white design

 outdoor carpet blue design

 outdoor carpet neutral color

 outdoor carpet interesting design

 outdoor carpet original design

 outdoor rug elegant floral patterns

 outdoor rug interesting patterns

 modern outdoor rug white blue

 modern outdoor rug gray blue

 modern outdoor rug gray design

 modern outdoor rug black white

 original motif rug

 multicolored round rug

 red rug blue exterior

 outdoor rug garden rug

 outdoor rug black white deck

 outdoor rug large veranda [19659059] modern rug balcony idea

 modern outdoor patio rug

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