Original Wood Furniture: The Surf-ace table by Duffy London

“You can not stop the waves, but you can learn to surf” – that’s the bike of Christopher Duffy, original wood furniture designer for Duffy London. This English design studio is known for its innovative and creative spirit. Its designators like to challenge the conventional concepts of gravity, geometry and balance, breaking all the traditional rules.

Today we present you the latest creation from Duffy – the Surf-ace table and benches. The design concept is inspired by the sensations of slips that he wanted to transfer to the interior of the house. Industry, art and crafts come together to create these beautiful and functional furniture. For their realization, the designers used the same industrial techniques as for the surfboard.

 Duffy London Surface Wood Table

 The set, with curves evoking the shape of the waves, also bears the visual aesthetic of the surfboard. The designer has added a tactile dimension – to the touch the smooth surface evokes the experience of gliding. This original wooden furniture is made of varnished balsa wood which has been used for surfboards since ancient Hawaiian times. This table and these banners are not only beautiful to see, but also to touch. The curves and sumptuous finishes show great craftsmanship. Tables and banners are available in limited stock of 20 pieces.

Surf-ace wood table by Christopher Duffy

The creative design bench Surf-ace

 original wooden furniture Duffy bench London

Painted balsa wood bench

 original wooden furniture Duffy London

Wave-shaped Curves and Finishes

 Wooden Furniture Surf Ace Duffy London Bench

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