Original wall deco with empty frames

The popularity of the minimalist style has made us accustomed to empty and uniform walls. But today, other types of original wall decals are very popular: those with wallpapers, with stickers, paintings and posters.

Decorating with empty frames that we will consider in this publication is one of those types of modern decors. Let’s see what are the secrets of this type of decor and what are the parts of the house where you can use it.

Original wall deco with empty frames

 wall deco trend

Scandinavian style interior with original wall deco and empty frames of different sizes. Rents

 deco scandinavian style frame design

Designers often advise us to avoid the clutter of the rooms in our homes. This advice applies not only to furniture and accessories but also to interior walls. If you’ve respected this essential rule, you probably have one or two blank walls that you can now turn into an interesting decorative piece by using empty frames.

Decor wall mural with empty frames and paintings

 paintings wall deco frames

What are the ways to use this type of frames? First, we can combine a series of empty frames with photos or with tables and drawings. This option is suitable for a large empty wall and preferably monochrome which will become a decorative accent in the room. The frames to be privileged are those of medium size. In this case, you can play with the colors and shapes of the frames, combining them in different ways.

Original hallway wall decal with blank picture frames in white

 Decor original painting white wall frame

On the other hand, one can also use identical frames or a single size and color to achieve a symmetrical and balanced effect on the wall of a small room or a corridor. To enhance this effect, use a series of empty frames, without pictures or pictures, as in the picture above.

Original bedroom wall deco with large empty frame

 original wall decoration trend

Another interesting example of wall decoration is one with two or two large frames. These most often have a rectangular shape. They can be richly ornamented (for example, in the Baroque tradition) or darker, depending on the design of the other objects in the room. These large frames are hanging on or leaning against a wall, depending on your preferences and size.

Original wall deco with empty frames of different size and shape

 decótes de decó original mural picture frames

Become popular, the trend of decorative wall with empty frames has also developed in a rather unusual aspect: it consists of framing … frames! You see an illustration of this type of technique on the picture above. To achieve the same effect on your own, equip yourself with frames in similar colors, of different shapes and sizes.

Original wall deco with mirror and identical empty frame


Original wall decal with empty frames and kids room decals


Idea of room wall decoration with picture frames

 original wall sticker picture frame empty

If you like handmade activities and DIY, you can experiment with painting or with ideas. They are decent of the frames themselves. For example, try painting one or two frames in an interesting color and make an accent of your wall decor!

How to paint his empty frames for a more interesting effect

 Decor wall-original-yellow-yellow-idees.jpg

To highlight your composition of empty frames, install them on a wall of your uni. Without forgetting to paint them in a bright color, like yellow or red.

Idea of ​​staircase wall design and decent tendency according to the season or the style of the interior space

The fact that the frames are empty of pictures and pictures does not mean that we can not decorate them in another way. On the occasion of Christmas, decorate your walls with crowns made of green branches and red keys.

Create a wall mural with frames and plates


Original wall design with photo frames on fireplace


Wallpaper and wall decoration with frame

 idee deco wall frame room

We talked a lot about wall decorations. But, sometimes, a single empty frame is enough to give more personality to the interior space. This is the case especially for the rooms whose walls are already decorated with wallpapers.

Decorate his empty picture frames

 Picture wall frame empty

We love the slate paint for all the interior decorating solutions they offer us. Because, yes, she even helps us to beautify our empty frames!

Painting her empty frames of wall decoration in metallic tones

 wall deco frame table

You do not like the In dark tones? So why not try metallic colors? The golden, copper and silver shades are very trendy right now. Take the opportunity to give your bedroom or your living room a chic and luxurious look!

Decorate deco with design frames and geometric shapes games

 interior design deco frames

Did you know can you accumulate empty frames on top of other empty frames? The idea is quite original and it is gaining more and more popularity. Because, in addition to allowing us to exhibit all the frames we have, it also gives us ways to experiment with geometry!

Discover all our ideas of deco trend with frames for modern wall!

 trends deco modern walls

Empty frames are a cheap and very creative original wall deco option. Flexible, it adapts without any problem to any kind of interior space and to all color palettes. And, in addition, it is transformed according to the period of the year! Do you still doubt if it would suit your home? If this is the case, we suggest you test it in a small area of ​​your living space. Our photo collection will give you even more ideas to dress your walls this way:

Original Wall Deco Idea with Empty Corridors for Corridor by Hufft Projects

 Decocted Ideas original mural

Living room wall deco with empty frames

 Living room deco picture empty frames

Modern design wall picture with frames

 Modern design wall frame

Decorating living room with wall design and frames

 deco living room frame wall design

Bedroom with wall decal and picture frames

 decor wall frame pele mele

Original bedroom decoration with white wall frame

 original deco wall frames

Wall decoration idea with photo frames

 idee decoration wall picture frames [19659071] idea deco hallway photo pele mele

 deco design modern wall

 deco room paintings frames

 decoration wall picture frame smoderne

 idea wall deco original empty frames

 picture frames wall decal original

 Empty frames original wall deco

 original wall decor picture frames

 picture pele-mele original wall deco

 original wall deco desk corner

 decc wall frame modern design

 deco wall room empty frames

 interior deco modern walls

 idea deco frame stair

 decoration room empty frames

 deco wall room empty frame

 room decoration modern walls

 hall wall deco

 from co fireplace frames empty  picture frame decor wall

 frame wall decor staircase

 frame wall decoration design

 picture frame wall decor

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