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Office Layout: Functionality and Design by NOS

The Mexican studio NOS develops projects related to the social impact. His team creates a socially conscious design.

The working model is working with key partners, while maintaining flexibility and a taste for innovation.

In this light, they have prepared felt two modular and very functional furniture for a modern and futuristic office layout. Discover them.

Office Layout: Functionality and Design by NOS

 modern design office furniture table tessella desk studio design our mexico

Design office furniture: the table Tessela Desk by the Mexican studio NOS

 Office furniture tables design ideas furniture design tessella desk studio NOS design mexico

The “Tessella Desk” is designed for open and collaborative spaces. It consists of two hexagon-shaped parts that are easy to handle. They allow four different ways of combinations in order to render the model desired. All parts are made of three 15mm MDF sheets. Moving and handling are very easy.

Exceptional design

 design office layout design wooden table design tessella desk studio NOS

Functionality and design by NOS 


 Office furniture design table Tessella Desk by studio NOS

Your dream office

 designer office furniture Tessella Desk by studio NOS

The “LVLV bookshelf” is a modular system whose shelves are adjustable in three positions. In this way, one can store objects on both sides or over it. The shelves and feet create storage spaces of different sizes and uses. All parts of the furniture are made of two sheets of plywood 15mm. This library is very easy to transport.

Design office furniture: LVLV library bookshelf by NOS

 modern design wood library design office furniture design wood furniture design lvlv bookshelf

The Library

 home office design furniture design wood shelves practical modern design idea


 Library wood design LVLV bookshelf modern design office furniture design wood

Modular Bookcase
 wood library design shelves design office design

The summer

 shelves wood design library modern wood ideal arrangement office

The Library of the Face

 layout office library design practical modern design idea

The NOS Design Studio is working on very modern design projects ¨s creative and in several different areas. He creates office furniture, as well as designer chairs and tables. Here are two design objects designed by the studio. It’s our little bonus for those who love the innovations and design of the future!

Silla Cardinal Design Chair by NOS

 modern design chair garden chair wood silla cardinal design mexican modern studio nos

 modern design chair designed garden furniture design studio furniture nos

Comfortable blue seat

 comfortable designer chair sitting id design studio furniture nos

Charming chair, ideal for indoor as well as outdoor

 design chair garden design comfort comfort design nos

Table design Mesa Higgs by NOS

 modern design table design modern interior design table design our mesa higgs

Quality materials: glass and wood  design furniture coffee table modern design wood glass mexico

Quality wood: detailed

 interior design wooden table studio our mexico furniture design idé coffee table living room

To complete the look of the design table “Tessella Desk” by NOS, here is a selection of office chairs design: reception chair, work chair and conference chair.

Folding conference chair in “Ada 2 Fold” fabric by Sesta

 office furniture conference chair folding design idec Office sesta

The conference chair folded  home office design conference chair modern armchair design ideal

Confectionery chair polypropylene shelf with “Dragonfly” writing tablet by Segis  conference chair with writing tablet writing desk design ideal design Conference armchair with writing tablet by Urban  conference office chair tablet writing design idà Office furniture

Stackable office chair “Bend” in different colors by Italia

 Stackable office chair designed by modern design

Fabric reception chairs with armrests by Ondaretta 7

 chair with armrests ideal office home design offices

design chairs for the organization of your home space

 chair armrest design ideal home design office chair Design

Design Office Chairs by Kristalia

 design office chair design furniture design ideal

Fabric Chair “Shell Chair”, Impakta

 design office chair pink modern fabric ideal Modern office design ideal design

Design chair  with writing tablet – designer Javier Cunado

 design chair javier cunado layout modern office ideal

Chair d ‘home’ Oxford by Poltrona Frau

 reception chair ideal design office design quilted armchair

Design chairs in plywood design Rawa

 design office chairs ideal furnishing designer furniture

Upholstered fabric chair Genesis

 office chair design ideal design armchair modern fabric

Ergonomic technopolymer chair with armrests, design Scab

 ergonomic office chair designer chair Modern office development

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